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Happy ThingsSeptember 4, 2008

Do you know what I'm happy about? Well, many things. But namely:

1. Gettin' married again tomorrow. Yep. Third time's the charm, right? We're just doing a little justice-of-the-peace thing tomorrow afternoon with family followed by dinner out and then drinks at the bar where we had our first date. Legal! In this country! Or at least this state. Thanks, Tila Tequila!

2. Happy that I'm writing. I swear, since that conference a month and a half ago I haven't missed a day of writing except for the four days I was camping. The change? DOING IT FIRST THING. And not accepting excuses from myself. Even though I work 12 hour shifts, and need to get up at 4:45am, I've been getting up around 3:45, before the alarm rings at 4am, just to write. The best part? The rest of the day feels great -- you did what you really wanted to/had to do. You checked off that Big Life To Do and all the rest is just extra. I read something yesterday that basically summed it up: If you have to go to bed a little early with less TV watching/internet surfing time in order to get up early to chase your life's dream, isn't that worth it? Hell, yeah.

3. Happy that dogs is cute.


That's Clara, AKA the Sand Monster, flying by. I like how the photo makes her look like she's a really ugly, wet bird.



Beach! Even at high tide with seaweed grossness, it makes everyone happy.


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Yay for getting hitched! Congrats congrats congrats! :)

I guess Tila Tequila had to be good for something.
Congratulations, sweetie. You and Lala deserve all the happiness in the world. Maybe soon the rest of the country will finally realize that any marriage with a foundation built on love and understanding can't be anything but good for society at large. *sigh*
well, a girl can dream, can't she?

Yay Rachael and Lala! Congratulations!!

(Cute dirty fast dog too)

you nailed it on the Big Life Thong To Do-that is the best feeling. Keep up the good work and and congrats-

Hee Hee-meant THING-guess typing and talking politics with my sister at the same time scrambled the thought process.

I'm happy for you all over again!


I definitely thought that was a big ugly wet bird

You know, you two should really just decide whether you want to get married or not... all this dithering and lack of commitment! I mean, do you love each other or not?


Congrats on upcoming Number Three! (Are you sure you're not doing this so that you get all these extra anniversaries to celebrate??)

Hey, congrats on the (3rd) wedding you guys!

Coming back out of lurkdom to say:

1-Congratulations! So happy you're so in love so happy you can keep getting married. ;-)

2-"If you have to go to bed a little early with less TV watching/internet surfing time in order to get up early to chase your life's dream, isn't that worth it? Hell, yeah."

Thank you. I really needed those words today.

3-I always love it when you post pics of your dogs.

4-You look beautiful.

Happy Wedding-again day to you both - I hope it's as wonderful as the other two

re: marriage... very happy for you... again!

re: what you read (the thing about chasing your dream)... thank you. Just what I needed.

Yay number three! Congrats. One day once will enough.

Hmmm. Got me thinkin' here. You know, even though I assume the dumb-ass state of our nation's laws are part of what's driving you to multiple weddings, maybe there is something to getting remarried every few years. It would be interesting to see how the vows evolve over the years as the relationship matures.

I wish you and Lala a happy, productive, peaceful "Forever" together.

I love that when someone asks if your married, you can now say THREE times. Don't explain.

Congrats! Have a lovely, lovely wedding day!

Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you and Lala!

Oh, and by the way.......nice cleavage!


Hey! Congratulations on marrying again, legally in CALIFORNIA!

Wish you were closer so we could be writing buddies because I sit down to write and there are so many distractions and there's no focus, can't complete a thought. I even know what I want to write, it's just coming out of my brain and reaching my fingers.

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