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I Have DecidedSeptember 24, 2008

1. that I will never stop being frightened when I see a tow truck in front of our house. Our tags are current, and we're parked legally, but old habits die hard.

2. that The Hives are my favorite pop-punk back to see live. I've loved them for about six years, but hadn't seen them live until last night. Wow. If Chuck Bass fronted a band, dude, he'd front that one. I've never seen a cockier set of young men on stage, EVER, and I loved them. Except the guitar player. He seemed like an ass. But the lead singer, mmmm. Dreamy.

3. that my favorite way to spend a day is this: Write for three or four hours. Take a long lunch, say an hour and a half, walking the dogs at Pt. Isabel. Have a lox bagel sandwich with capers, tomatoes, and cucumber. No onions, thanks. Go back home, write for another two hours. Get into bed and read a while. Take a nap. Get back up and write a little more. Seriously, it makes me SO happy. Can't I just do this? This whole Working For a Living is just the Man Keeping me Down, I think.

4. that today I will do #3.


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I will remind you of this post when you are a very famous author and can do what you want,when you want. (hehehehe) and yes, just wait a bit, it WILL happen!!

The Hives!!

I'm so jealous! I love them all to bits!

Wait a minute! Where's the knitting in that perfect day?

I can has yr onions?

Hey are you doing NaNo this year or are you going to be a fancypance writer with an agent editing her book all November?

Because I? Have An Idea. And I'm totally a) Doing NaNo and b) spending time editing and c) Gonna try to sell this puppy.

I'd start now, but I have a proven trackrecord of -finishing- books when given the artificial NaNo deadline. And so I will stick with what I know gets proven results.

Hi Gorgeous!
Coming out of the woodwork to say that I (and a few Northbay friends) are hoping to see the Whoreshoes show at the Mystic on Friday! Will you be there?

I'll be flying in from a previous engagement, (shedding my formal dress for more comfy duds in my car on the way!) and I'm wondering if the ladies will have an opening act going on before them. (selfishly hoping so, as I don't want to miss any of their set!)

Any info would be most appreciated. If it turns out I am not able to make it in time, I'll definitely be sending a few folks to attend in my stead :)

Hugs to both of you!

Enjoy this wonderful day !!
I feel I could "bear" the same one instead of going to school...

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