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Bark, bark. September 25, 2008

I went for a six-mile run today. Well, it started out being five, but at a crucial decision point I felt pretty good, so Clara and I kept going, committing to a longer loop, rather than an out-and-back.

That was dumb.

It was hot, and the route I choose took us inland, away from the water. Even Clara was cranky about it. I make sure she runs in shade when possible, and that her paws are fine, and that she's getting water (although she hates drinking from my bottle because she's a princess), but she was completely over the run after about mile four. She dragged on the leash so that I had even more weight to move forward, except when she was lunging maniacally at a groundhog skittering ahead of her.

It was a rough run. 

I worked in Alameda, where I was running, for years. I prayed for a cop car to drive by. I was planning on faking a fall just so s/he'd stop and I could get a ride back to my car. With my luck, though, I probably would have eaten pavement, so it's probably best I didn't.

And even with the duct-tape trick and new socks, I got blisters! What the hell? I was SO ready for the duct-tape to work. I think it did, it was just that after a while I sweated it off, and the tape then stuck to the sock, not my foot, causing rubbing in the arch area. I've tried everything y'all have suggested and more that you haven't, and I am left with the fact that I just have to get calluses.

Oh! But I've set up a donation page, with the help of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, so your hard-earned dollars really ARE going to honor my little mama. If you've already donated, your money has been moved to that pot, and I thank you with all my heart.

Grey's Anatomy tonight! And I'm planning on staying up late to watch it because I can. Also planning on knitting on the sofa, if I don't fall asleep first. I've been battling sleepiness for days now, and it keeps winning.

My dogs are barking because people are on the street in front of the house (the NERVE) and also, my dogs are barking, figuratively. I think I deserve a little ice-cream, maybe. Yup.

Oh, and dotty old Harriet would like to say hello. She may be almost 18, but she can still be very bossy.



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My old cat Riley (also 18) is getting even bossier. But he's quite well at the moment (with all the drugs he's taking he should be!) so that's good. He's not too dotty. Yet.

Hey, I didn't really have much to donate, but I did what I could. Good luck!

This soudns weird, but I hope you get callouses soon! :)

Try injinji socks. They're the best! I've tried a lot of different running socks and they're good for lower mileage runs. I wore the injinjis for my 20milers and no blisters yet. And I've done the taping and such before. BTW, I'm doing the Nike Half too! I did the Nike Full last year with TNT.

oh, girlie, so sorry the duct tape didn't do the trick. when i'm out there in the wild I take some wound around a short pencil. if it starts to come off, you can stop, undo the old slipping tape, dry up the foot briefly and then slap some more on. I know, it means stopping but calluses aren't that great for the feets, ya know? and you can get blisters under calluses which is infinitely worse. (ask me how I know, heh) anyway, you might try a different brand of duct tape, too, since I literally walked through ice cold running streams with the duct tape on and it never budged. just sayin'. good luck with it all, chica. you rock! (please remember that, mmmmk?

When I am old and finally get my laser eyes, I will be bossy, too.

I'm sure you've gotten a zillion suggestions for the blisters....have you tried moleskin? I think it's the absolute bestest thing ever for preventing blisters. It's like fabric with stickum so it doesn't really sweat off.

You get laser eyes when you get old?

How come nobody told me that?

When I was training for the 3-day, my life was saved by a stick of BodyGlide. That stuff is amazing. I've decided to keep it around for when we go on vacations. We usually walk around a lot on vacation. :D Moleskin is also great, but it seems to work best for me if I tape it OVER something else, like a blister pad or something. It tends to come off if I don't make the piece long enough. Also, Second Skin is amazing, but their moleskin sucks in the package. :) I am completely broke until the 10th, but I'd be happy to donate some funds then. :) Good luck!!

I will be donating later tonight - I just wanted to make a comment though and say thanks for doing this. I have read your blog for years and somehow never connected that Multiple Myeloma was what your mom had and that it was the same thing my aunt had in 2003. She had a stem cell transplant and seems to be doing well - much longer out than we had hoped - but we are still hoping for a cure as she has been told it will come back. Anyway - thanks again. xoxoxo

Wow. I haven't read your blog for a while, not since you and Lala were getting hitched way back then. Not sure why I stopped reading - you are such a cool and cute couple! But something brought me back today and now I read about your connection to MM and I am so sad and sorry I wasn't around at the time to offer some e-support. Cos my husband has MM. So - belatedly - just to say sorry to hear about your mom. Hugs xoxo

I've done that to Jackjack in the Florida heat..not fun. I love the picture of Harriet!

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