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In BriefSeptember 21, 2008

A day off today. I managed to get some writing done, but it was like pushing mud. It's now after four o'clock, and I'm finally coming out of my fog. I thought I'd pop my head out of the ground to wave hello. Hello! 

You know who feels GOOD, though? Newly catnipped Digit, that's who. I love how stoned he looks at the end of the video:


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Wow! Look how happy (and NOT DEAD) he looks!

Awww.. Digit looks soo cute. I had to watch it like 3 times! Just love when he reaches for the camera! I love seeing your little miracle kitty looking so happy and lively!

He looks like any minute now he's going to get a massive attack of the munchies.

whattaguy! I love it when you catblog yer boy...

Ah, the pushing mud days suck.

Digit does not suck.

Rach, Digit looks great. He's back to being one big healthy [high] kitty!

::laughing at Anne's comment::

He's totally swatting at pink elephants.

LOL! The slow paw reach at the end, totally stoned out of his gourd...

Dude, Don't Borgart that nip, pass some of that Oakland Gold on to me. (don't tell my Mom though)

Little stoned kitty! How cute!

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