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Knee-DeepSeptember 23, 2008

I'm knee-deep in revisions of Love Spun, and I'll soon be hip-deep, I think. If you hear blurblings from over here, the water is too high -- send help. My Agent is awesome. She's really thought about this book, thought about it in a way that only I have. But that makes her able to ask the big questions, the ones that I really have to answer.

The water's rising.... Trying to shake a pernicious migraine, too. Need more coffee.


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Did you write this entry just so you could say "my Agent?" ;-)

Go away, Rachael's migraine, go away!

This is the one you wrote for The First Romance Chapter competition, yes??? I read the two chapters that you had out there and absolutely loved it!

Hope the migraine stays away, I hate those things.....

If you need/want test readers, I'm available. I read really fast, too :)

I dunno about you, but I kind of enjoy revisions. Taking something I loved and realizing I could love it EVEN MORE if I just fixed that part...

Good luck! Don't drown!

so make them put it on Kindle!!! I'll buy it in a heartbeat!

"My Agent" how fun is it to say that hehehe - even with a migraine

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