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UpdateSeptember 15, 2008

Good night, moon. Thank you, my friends, for such a response. Damn! We've already raised $1310 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. In just a few days! That came about from a bunch of $10 and $20 donations and a couple of whoppers. It's amazing.

Really amazing. I find those words so small for all that I feel in my heart. You know?

Oh, and my dad left a comment saying that he'd match donations until he was up to a hundred bucks, and I think we have some slots for that left, so if you just want to give a little, he'll double it..... Nice, eh? I thought so.

Oh! And Jennifer with Purl Soho has been a doll and volunteered to donate the yarn, so if you win (I hope you do!) you can go to the site and choose either Lorna's Laces special custom colors yarn or Koigu KPPPM and then I'll knit them up for you. Whatever color you like. Yep. I LOVE that.

You can DONATE here, if you'd like. And then you can hope I actually make 13.1 miles. I'm worried, folks. But I have hope. I did three miles the other day like I had wings underneath my feet. It helped that Clara was overexcited and pulling because there were groundhogs running in front of us. But it was a GREAT run.

I gotta say, though, even with a 3-miler, I got those same blisters. And ow! I haven't bought the silk socks yet, but I've been using blister bandaids (the good kind) and BodyGlide. This is my strategy: To get blisters on my instep three times a week (they're small enough that they heal in a day or two) until I have big ole happy impervious calluses. Yep. I hope I can build those in a month. Gonna try.

Meantime, in unrelated news, loving True Blood. OMG - SO GOOD. Loving it. Can it maintain the level of excellence it's set up? Any ideas? (Haven't seen this week's episode, no spoilers, please.)


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Sweet pea, you're not gonna believe me until you really do try it, but if you use duct tape on your feet you will NOT get blisters. and better yet, you can put it over blisters (obviously pulling it off later v-e-r-y carefully) and hot spots and they will not have gotten worse. It's truly amazing. How do I know? I did a 14-day outdoor survival trip hiking 12-20 miles per day over extreme and vertiginous terrain and NO blisters after I discovered the duct tape trick. really. I send you (and the feetsies) many hugs, chica!

When I was in the army, wayyyyy back when, I would wear thin socks under my wool socks. So it sounds like silk socks would be the way to go. I really wish I'd known about blister bandaids back then.

You'll totally make the 13.1 miles. I have faith in you.

I must know, have you read the book series that True Blood is based on? Because I have and I LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse books. I have 2 eps of True Blood on the DVR and I'm kind of scared to watch them because I'm afraid they won't be as good as the book.

Okay, I just want you to know I made my little weenie donation but it didn't seem to be directed to you specifically. However just so you know I wouldn't have made the donation if it weren't for your blog so even if it doesn't count toward your run count it in your head. I'm not so worried about the socks just wanted to let you know.
In fact, I didn't even know there was a multiple myeloma foundation. I had a big rush of pride when I read they've extended the lives of MM patients because my dad totally outlived their expectations. He died 26 yrs ago and lived w/ the disease for 6 years. Of course he hurt like a sonofabitch the entire time. I'm going to envision big callouses on your feet. Thanks Rachel for doing this!

Can you put up a paypal link? Some of us are waaay lazy ;)

Charlaine Harris - the author of the books True Blood is based on - is so, so good. My favorite of her many series is the Shakespeare (a small town in the south) series, her character development is *amazing*. I hope she's paid well for the True Blood series.

Just delurking to say I donated $20 this morning, and keep up the great work! I wish I could have given more, but the writers' strike put my boyfriend and me out of work for 4 months already this year, and the lingering SAG mess is still keeping us from getting back to work full time. I know, TMI...

When I was doing ballet, we used this stuff called "moleskin" on our feet. Sticky on the back, fuzzy on the front. Less persistent than duct tape. Don't know if they still make it. That, or you could try something like tincture of benzoin(sp?). It made a sticky, temporarily slightly hardened spot on your skin, kind of like a fake callus.

Anyway, best of luck with your running!

I read on a blog last year that a great way to avoid blisters is to use spray antiperspirant on your feet. Wacky, eh? But worth trying, I'm thinking. Go, you!

I just donated, but it didn't seem to be connected to you.

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