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Fish, PleaseSeptember 17, 2008


We have a line of cookbooks over on the microwave shelf (the microwave the cats eat on top of. It protects their food from Clara -- I know, I know, but we don't prepare food there).

Often, when we get home, the cats have pulled out a book for us to consider. (We don't know why.) Normally they leave it lying on the counter, but today their message was propped up, as you see above.

Loud and clear. Even with his back to us, eating his dry Iams, Willie would like you to know what he'd prefer.

In running news: Dad-in-law Tony (who has run 12 marathons) would like to remind me that had he known I wasn't training properly for the half-marathon, I would have received The Lecture, so whew! Close call! And he would also like to match up to a hundred dollars, like my dad did, so he'll match the next hundred dollars that is donated to MMRF (see this post). So your $10 will be doubled.....

(I feel like I'm doing an NPR fundraiser. I am a bad person because I cannot STAND to listen to the NPR fundraising. I switch the public radio station to the disco station imMEDiately when I hear it. Although we do donate when we can.)


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The cats choose a cookbook, that's too funny! And how nice of them to prop it up, less work for you that way.

I think it's sweet how the cats are so eager to help you answer the ever-present question of, 'what should I make for dinner?'.

FYI, the NYT puzzles start easy on Monday and get harder every day through Sunday. So don't get discouraged by the puzzles later in the week. Do you listen to the "Puzzle" on NPR on Sunday mornings? (Either 7:43 or 8:43 am depending on the timing of your local station). Will Shortz (sp?) hosts it (editor of NYT puzzles). He will sometimes talk about puzzle tournaments he's been to.

yeah but the npr doesn't post photos of cats dining n front of a fish cookbook. And people say cats aren't considerate.

Yeah, me too. I hate the NPR fundraiser. We just moved, so we haven't experienced it in our new location yet (I think it starts next week!), but where we were before it was intolerable. If you were doing the fundraiser, you'd be finding cutesy ways of repeating your phone number (or perhaps blog url?) so we could contact you...and you'd be telling us why we need that Morning Edition lapel pin or a copy of the "Pink Paper" (The Financial Times) for the next three months. Sigh. I hope it's over soon.

All that said, we do make a point of joining our local station. I really do support public radio--I just hate the fund drive.

I wanted to thank you for your recommendation of the Kindle. I immediately bought myself one (LOVE IT!), and Hubster is expecting his tomorrow. I don't share. :)

Hey, I just wantted to drop a note to say that after reading you blog about running these past few days, I finally caved and picked it up again. I meant to start running seriously at the New Year's, but let it slide. But, you inspired me! Thanks. I'm two days in, so I haven't felt ALL the hurt, but I'm loving it.

What smart little kitties! That's so cool!

How are you training, exactly?

I'm doing the CIBC Run for the Cure 5K...I feel your fundraising pain. But I figure since I didn't die in the first 5K I did, I can do this.

I'm gonna do a half-marathon, dammit.


Maybe it is a hint. :) I fed the cats red snapper once, it took them yrs to stop getting excited when I opend the oven door.

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