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Where were his pants? September 8, 2008

Burglar victims wake to spice rub, sausage attack.

Really, my favorite news story in forEVer.


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"That's right. The dog ate the weapon."

F*%#king priceless. As a Public Defender, it is stories like these that offer me, not only endless entertainment, but also, a sense of job security.

I liked this story. I would thing she would of kept a lower profile...... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/2565925/Dog-cloner-Joyce-McKinney-sought-over-burglary-to-fund-horses-wooden-leg.html

As judges in the American Royal BBQ, we are perplexed by assaulting someone with ... dry rub. Perhaps if you had a lot of paper cuts?

This news story was all the chit-chat today!

'Deputies', he said, 'had no problem linking the suspect to the crime.'

Sausage - linking - get it? I wonder if he said that on purpose?

Thanks for the laugh - that was hysterical!

how funny I just read this before coming here - I want to know what spice he used

Jealous lovers are now referred to as "burglars"? I'll have to remember that one. "It was a burglar, honey. Ummm...without his pants! Armed with a sausage! I swear!"

Hey! I love Pappy's Seasoning!! Never thought of rubbing it on a person, though...

And they say nothing fun ever happens down here in the 'No. ;)

Wonder how much time he spent casing the joint.

This is a really good one !!!

Just so proud (in this moment) to be from Fresno...

I just read this story to ABM and it gave us both a good giggle. Thanks!

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