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Almost ThereOctober 18, 2008

One of our favorite working positions

Angie asks after looking at the last post: "Are you using a second keyboard? Do you type in your lap or just don't like the notebook's keyboard?"

You can see in the above picture that I have a pull-out keyboard tray in my desk. Lala talked me into getting an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse, and I LOVE THEM. I love the touch of the wireless keyboard so much that I can hardly bear to use the laptop keyboard ever (the "y" was always wonky, and I've never gotten around to getting it fixed). The small keyboard is so light, and I only have to think the words, and they're typed. I swear, it's almost magical. Highly recommended. The cat, not so good for wrist position, but what are you gonna do?

OMG, why are the internets so slow? Seriously, I can barely load gmail. I'm hoping that it's our connection or something like that, and not my computer. Isn't this when computers are supposed to take a dive? A day before final draft completion?

Aargh. Trying to email myself a copy of the novel file (my tertiary backup) and it won't go. I did send myself one yesterday about three hours before day's end, so worst case scenario it won't set me back that much, but this is nerve-wracking. (Finally. It sent. Whew. Commencing Time Machine backup now, as well.)

So yesterday, on the porch, with that wine, I completed this final version. It was a doozy, too. I added in a whole new character and turned the straight-up romance into a light romantic suspense. Major parts of the middle and the last third of the book is practically all new. I added about 25,000 words.

Today and tomorrow (when I'm not going to the marathon expo today or running the half tomorrow) I'm doing the final sweep-through. Tidying up. Making it pretty for people (editors) so when they peek in they like what they see and want to see more.

I love this book. Someday, after its sold and in print (positive thoughts, people), and reviewers are being snarky about it, I will have to remember this. But I love it. It's mine. I'm so proud of it.

And when my Future Editor sends me their revision letter? I will jump back in again.

But really. Now I'm ready to start plotting this year's Nano. Monday. Monday I get to start doing that, right after I email the Book to my agent. But it's a battle every night to keep myself from starting to plot while I'm falling asleep. Must. Finish. This. First.

Heading over into novel-land now. Almost there!


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Good for you! Even if the book is never published (perish the thought!), you have already done WAY more than most wanna-be writers ever do.

You are so lucky, my cat wants to sit on the keyboard when I type. Even worse, last night knitting was vetoed when all three dogs sat in my lap simultaneously on the knitting!
PS. I am looking forward to reading this book :)

I can't wait to read your book! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed until I hear when it will be in print.

Do you remember the email conversation we had in 2003 (back in the dark ages, before we knew each other IRL) and I said YOU were a Real Writer?
Yeah, just sayin' is all....
GO.finish.Start Next Novel.

Thank you for the feedback. I have a MacBook and "just wondered."

You will sell the book. You're a super writer and you definitely put in the required effort.

Ha ha ha! I love the kitty in the picture. Very similar to my kitties positions when they help me with my writing!

I am in awe. Finishing a book is much harder than finishing a sweater. :D As soon as you have sold the book, let us all know- and I will definitely support you by buying it.

P.S. My husband is warming up to the whole idea of the Kindle. Partly due to your posts about it!

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