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Fall October 2, 2008

I've been playing at writing all morning. Can't seem to put two words together that sound like English, let alone good writing. I have a dentist appointment in an hour, so I'll make my escape soon. I hate the dentist, have I mentioned that? Bah. But I'm ready to close the computer. 

The fog is rolling in, and I'm at home for the first time this fall to see it. (I would know, because I've spent ample time just staring out the window today.) The hill above our house, visible out my office windows, starts out clear on early fall mornings, and then gets eaten by fog. I love that. I love when the marine layer moves in during the day, not out.

And who can complain about writing with a set-up like this?


Now I have to go do the Dentist Brush.


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Love your desktop team! I have one that's very similar.
; )

I dislike going to the dentist but I actually like him and his staff. It's just all that scraping and drilling that I hate.

That'll be your NZ genes. Kiwis hate going to the dentist, because we were all marched off to The Dental Clinic (also known as The Murder House) where we were treated by women called Dental Nurses. You generally only saw a dentist when you got to high school. The main thing most people remember about the dental nurses is that they weren't supplied with anaesthetic, on the basis that children's teeth didn't feel pain. Truly! So maybe it's an hereditary fear. :)

It looks like your cats are watching you saying, "Are you writing? You better be writing. I don't think you're writing. You better get back to writing." I bet the fog is lovely though :)

Aw! You should come to my dentist instead. Only several days drive away, y'know, not too out of the way or anything.

The cats are definitely a great part of that writing-setup!

One time we were up in Marquette, MI which is along Lake Superior, with steep hills down to the lake. At the top of the hill, looking back west, it was sunshine and light. Turning around looking east down the hill, it was total fog, zero visibility. So cool! Fog like that always makes me think of the Stephen King story about the fog that came across a lake. yikes

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