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G'morning. October 24, 2008

Hello, kids.

It's a day off! A day with no plans in it. I've already done enough work today so that I can legitimately call it quits. At eight in the morning. I love it. (I got up early, couldn't sleep.) And unless I hear back from my agent that I need more revisions, I think Love Spun is off my plate for a bit. So it's time to plot for Nanowrimo! But I can start doing that tomorrow.

Are you doing Nano? Buddy me: I'm writerach406 (boy, do I hate that title. Maybe I'll..... No! I just did it! I re-signed up under Yarnagogo. Finally. If you've buddied me before, will you buddy me again as Yarnagogo? Yay).

I have the blurb for my Nano09 already written. I have a pretty good idea of the overall story, but how to get from here to there, now, that's the challenge. I'm excited about it, though. I've spent the last couple of months looking at every word, every sentence, with my editing brain. I actually think it might be kind of hard to get out of that space and just write, to just write crap, so Nano's the best push into that space I can imagine. Lots of people just writing crap, all at the same time. I WILL REMEMBER: It is to be polished later. Changed. Refined. LATER. If I look back and remember what Love Spun looked like out of its Nano phase, and compare that with where it is today, it's unreal.

Is the new Typepad interface slow, or is it just me? It doesn't seem to be keeping up with my typing.

Maybe I'm just hungry. An omelet with basil/tomato feta, wrapped in a tortilla, is calling my name. Then TV! And a nap later! Lala's down south on a mini-tour, so the cat's away and the mouse will catch up on Gossip Girl. Oh, yeah.


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Ahh a real day off...since I have the flu I think I will take the day too ;)Your omelet sounds awfully good. Have a wonderful day :)

Gotcha! I'm quantum tea on NaNo. My plot is still in pieces, but it's coming together. Hubby's put together another set of cool word count widgets for NaNo.

One week from tomorrow it all begins...

Enjoy your day, what a luxury! I finally purchased "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" that will be my weekend along with new fingerless gloves, whoopeeeee, kinda like it when the cats away, :-) Cant wait....

Hey, totally off topic, but have you seen this site yet?


I thought of you and Lala when I saw it...

I added you. Good luck!

I found you by google-ing "super easy cable scarf" and just added you to my NaNo buddies. I'm hazelnutcoffeegirl.

Oh, I'm so tempted to try NaNoWriMo! But not this year--I've got a goal to get my place cleaned up (this year, I will, darn it!) and my Mom's visiting for two weeks. I'll just have to cheer everyone else on! *waves pompoms*

About the slow typepad user interface. Yes, it's a little slower. I use MS's "Windows Live Writer" as a blogging client and really like it. If you are on an Apple this won't help. Typepad has some info on client blogging software. Just search Typepad's knowledge base for "client". Good luck.

... or you could just sip some tea/coffee and enjoy the slower pace :-)

Like Steph from the comments, I find myself really tempted this year with NaNo but it would be a really bad time to take on a whole other project...still have to tile the bathroom, but next year I think yes. Thanks to you Rachael your blog has introduced some new and interesting things to me :)

I am planning on NaNoWriMo-ing because my schedule is already at the full to bursting level (and I am not bright enough to stop myself). I'll buddy you (actually am on the site right now, so just a moment - I'm qarylla there).

I can't seem to find Yarnagogo on the ##&$&*(@Q*( NaNo site. They've changed everything around again. Plz rebuddy me (dear23). I am filling out my NOWD donation page tonight, hopefully I will raise enough to come with you guys.

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