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Good Morning! October 15, 2008

Whatcha doing? Huh? Huh? Whatcha doing?

I might have had some coffee. Maybe a bit too much, I don't know. I only know a few things this morning, and they belong in bullet form. Yep.

  • I'm still feeling good. The eating thing isn't hard at all yet, which is bizarre. I think it's made easier by the fact that I'm used to dietary restrictions due to my allergies. No sugar? Okay. It's also made easier by the fact that I'm Not On A Diet, and I'm not allergic to the things I'm avoiding. So instead of looking at chocolate cake (which I am allergic to) longingly as my coworkers eat slices of it, I'm just choosing not to eat the kinds of ice cream that I could eat if I wanted one. I'm not eating refined sugar like that. But I could. I could have a baked potato if I wanted to. Or sushi with white rice. But I'm choosing to do the glycemic index thing, keepin' it low. Keepin' it real. SO MUCH MORE ENERGY. We'll see how long it lasts. (But even though I'm Not On A Diet, not like that, the loss of 6.5 pounds in the first week makes a nice, if surprising, reward.)
  • After work on Monday, I went to a sheep ranch to do a little research for the book. It was RAD. What a fun thing to research. Lala may want chickens (ew) but I want a miniature sheep someday. Unfortunately, they don't do well alone (I just learned this) -- they become can become depressed and aggressive when alone, and since I can't imagine having more than one, I'll have to let that dream go. But someday, somewhere, we will have those sheep. And Lala will have her chickens. And I will not clean out the coop, she will. I do not like chickens, except to eat. (They should be humanely treated, though. Yes on Prop 2!)
  • While we're at it, vote No on Prop 8! The fact is that polls show we're losing, and it totally depresses me that I'll lose again the married I just got. I am only buoyed by the fact that polls also show Obama way out in the lead. Now, if 8 goes through AND we get McCain? I'm moving to Italy. Their president is crazy but a flashy dresser, and the coffee is better. (The story about the Mormon middle-class family who withdrew fifty thousand dollars from their life savings to donate it to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign? It makes me sad.  "'It was a decision we made very prayerfully and carefully,' said Pam Patterson, 48. 'Was it an easy decision? No. But it was a clear decision, one that had so much potential to benefit our children and their children.'" Why do they hate me and Lala so much? Really, why? Makes me sad, but also makes me think they're just hateful idiots.)
  • Half-marathon! This weekend! Last chance for a pair of hand-knitted socks (every ten bucks gets you a chance...). And thank you, to all of you who have donated so far. With my whole heart, I thank you for what you've done, and I will be thinking of you on Sunday. I hope I make it the whole way. I'm pretty damn nervous about it, actually. Really damn nervous, but I'm trying not to think about it.
  • I want to get the book revisions done by Monday, and I have to work at the J.O.B. a lot between now and then, including a MIDNIGHT SHIFT (what was I thinking?) and a half-marathon, so I'll be MIA for while. Between working and Working and running, I'll be a busy girl. But a happy one.



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I saw a sign on a lawn *on my block* for vote yes on prop 8, and I was really tempted to knock on the door and confront them about it. I will be really sick to my stomach if this passes.

Hey Rachael! It's easy to keep eating healthy when you get such great results, isn't it! That's what happened to me. And it's not a diet. It's just the way you eat and after awhile you really don't miss the carb stuff. Congrats on your -6.5#! TMK

Hey - they don't hate you. They don't know you and so they only know what their church tells them. They are uninformed. BTW - if my understanding is correct, if Prop 8 passes (NOOOOOOO!) you will still be legally married to Lala. All of the marriages that have taken place are still legal. Which makes the basis for a lovely supreme court challenge.


And on the other subject: I don't know why people hate us so much that they'd be willing to give away their savings to support discrimination. How the hell does our life and love impact theirs at all? It makes me sad and angry and a little sick.

Ooh, don't get me started on people who surrender their brains and wills to a religious authority figure. I'm worried too.

Girl, are you married every which way but upside down, so dont let ignorance/stooopid by a percentage of the population give you even one moments annoyance. GREAT on the lack of sugar and the 6.5 lbs, I think that equates to 25 pound less pressure on your little knees when you are running!!!! Go Rachel!

Not all Christians are like that. That kind of behavior is why it took me 10 years to "come out" as a Christian to my father. There are some of us who concentrate on the message of love, not hate.

May your marriage always be blessed!

Hi Rachel:
I've been away from blog-reading for a while due to fiber shows (I was dyeing my brains out) and dog agility trial obligations........so I can't believe that I missed another of your weddings!!!

Oh, I do hope that you two keep having weddings every now and then to keep us lurkers entertained. So much love and so much fun! Congratulations!


Sorry I couldn't be the one to put you to your goal, but you're a little tiny bit close now. :D
(The link in this post is bad though, but I got to the right place cause I'm SO smart.)

What I want to know is how people living in the stone age managed to save 50K?

There is something kind of satisfying, though, knowing that they're $50k poorer, isn't there?

At least it is for me.

I would have preferred it if they had given the money to ME, of course, but at least they dont have it any more!


yuck. stupid Prop 8. seriously, it's better for that family's kids for them to donate $50,000 to a hateful cause? How about saving the money for them to go to college or something? ugh. blerg.

I really hope it doesn't pass, and I really hope we don't get McCain either.

Now, to be cheery, so my comment isn't all gloom and doom: GO RACHAEL! You are gonna kick that half-marathon's ASS.

I'm still admiring you from afar about the no sugar. It would probably be good for me, but I hate the initial low blood sugar, it would kill me. Or I would kill somebody.
Don't worry about weird mormons, you have love in your heart and that's where it counts. I'm finally going to donate to No on 8, right now.

Hopefully, things will go your way. I find it repulsive that someone gives away what amounts to a college education to support such a thing. And calls it their "Christian" duty. The God I believe in has room for everyone. And there is also that little thing about taking the plank out of your own eye before trying to remove what you think might be a splinter in someone else's. (Nothing like a thorough knowledge of The Bible and using it right back at 'em!)

I don't know why people feel that the marriage question is such a public one. For chrissakes, people, nobody else's marriage affects yours. My girlfriend is getting divorced, but that doesn't change the fact that my marriage is good. Yeesh.

PS I've started following you on Twitter. I'm aimalyn, if you want to follow me too.

I'm totally getting chickens next week, as soon as we move into our new house. I already built the coop and everything (even though we're still living in an apartment... I was a little overeager). It took a supreme act of will not to go get the chicks as soon as our financing came through.

Yes on chickens, no on 8!

In AZ they have a "Say Yes to Marriage" prop which is the same as your prop 8. It is really just so sad that people will spend so much time hating that which is none of their goddamn business. Just sayin'.


I live in Canada so am ignorant of Prop 8. Is it another "marriage is just for a man and a woman" thing? If so UUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!
Good work on the no sugar. I've done it too, and it wasn't too hard...just watch out for the hidden sugar in stuff like canned goods. Go Rachel.

Congrats on the 6.5 lbs -and- being happy on the no sugar changes! You mentioned the low glycemic thing, are you using a certain book? I'd probably feel better but I don't know that I have it in me this minute. I can't even stay away from gluten like I should (though I found out from testing it isn't actually gluten but it *must* be something that goes along with it because I get so sick).

Donating all of that money for measure you mentioned is sad. I adore you & Lala and I'm sure lots of people feel that way!

I'm with you on the sugar thing. I'm insulin resistant and I used to crave sugar all the time. I've known I've had PCOS since I was about 14 but I didn't have it treated (the current treatment is a combo of hormones like in the pill and Metformin which is a drug used to treat diabetes)and I just kept putting on weight, feeling sick, tired, rubbish all the time. I've always had problems with food and this battle with my weight lead to an eating disorder when I was still young, something I'm still coping with.
But since I've discovered low-GI foods I feel SO much better. I cut most sugars out completely and I lost weight, felt healthier, had more energy, everything. It doesn't work for everyone but it worked for me. I feel so much better. I hope you have good results too. :)

Good luck with the marathon! You're a star.

We'll think positively about the election and propositions. If not, my sister and I are moving to Switzerland...the cheese is better there.

Good luck!

Just viewed the trailer for MILK--seemed appropriate to tell you about it after your Prop 8 comments. I'm with you on this issue and of course, no McCain!


I think that all of our thoughts and hopes for your marathon on Sunday will pick you up and let you float the whole way.

And, even if you don't make it, we'll still love you!

wow. the harvey milk film. i look forward to seeing that...and showing it at our church (United Church of Christ, ours is Open and Affirming, welcoming to ALL God's people).
and btw...Mormons aren't Christians.
and true Christians don't vote for hatred and discrimination. so aside from losing money toward this campaign it isn't getting them any closer to heaven, because it goes against God's vision for us, which is love and peace.

Good luck on your half! I'll be mentally cheering you on from the other side of the country (and wondering what the next race is that I should enter).

It benefits their children, how? That is as if they get $10 from every opposite-sex marriage certificate if Prop 8 passes. Insanity.

I must donate to No on 8 today. I've been a lazy ass about it and it has to stop. $50k their kids could have gone to college with. Geez.

(click) There's $50 more to fight this Proposition of H8red.

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