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I did it!October 19, 2008

I did it!
Originally uploaded by Yarnagogo Rachael

It was soooo awesome and no blisters! But internet has been down at our house for two days so I don't know my time (around 3:30) and I haven't been able to draw the sock winner! (All the entrants are stored in my gmail which would be painful to sort on a blackberry.) So drawing will be Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you, all. It meant so much to me, carrying Mom's name across the finish line. More to follow soon. Xoxox
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Congratulations, Rachael! Way to go, girl! Once you put your mind to something, it's going to get DONE!

Woo hoo!!!!! Congratulations! I knew you could do it! It's amazing what you can do when you have a goal that has as much meaning as your does. MWAAAA! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

congratulations Rachael!!

Right on Rachael! You rock! Your Mom is proud of you and so are your readers. :)

...and you look so GOOD! So strong and functional and not flat out on the pavement weeping. WAY TO GO!!!

Congratulations. Finishing something is even better than starting something.

Yay! You rock Rachael

Yeah! Way to go!

Yea Rachael!

You know, with all of you darned knitbloggers (I used to be one, remember?) getting all fit and healthy and running about like loons and looking so damned good while doing it, I'm almost (*almost*) tempted to get me some shoes and frappé la rue, you know?


(ps, congrats!)

Yaaaaaay, go you!
I thought good thoughts in your direction when I saw the story about the marathon on the news this AM. :-)

Yay! Congratulations! And you look great, too. Very refreshed. :-)

Congrats! You rock!

Woot, woot, woot! Knew you could do it! Your mom would be SO proud! :)

You go, girl! I've been waiting for the update!

You must feel so good!

congratulations! I also knew you could! What a tribute to your mom.

congratulations rachel!!

Way to go Rachael! Congrats!

You're an inspiring winner! Congratulations, Rachael.

YAY you!



Woohoo! Go you! Knew you could do it.

Awesome! I am so glad you did it!

And, you inspired me to quit sugar again (well, except for the NATURAL sugar in wine!) and I feel so much better.

Good job on the run!


/cheers wildly for Rachel, causing the dogs to bark in confusion/


Congratulations! You had a LOT of people cheering for you :)

Congratulations! You're an inspiration!!!

Congrats, Rachael! We knew you would rock it!

Bravo !! Toutes mes félicitations ! We are all VERY proud of you, your mom has a really great daughter...

Yay yay yay yay!!!

Good work girl.

Congrats! You look a lot better than I ever have after a half!

The site(s) that has the race results all appear down when I looked for you!

Way to go! and no blisters!

HooRay for Rachael!!

HooRay for Duck Tape!!


Oh CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so in awe!

Yay Rachael!

You're my hero, Rach -- congratulations!

congrats! and no blisters too- that is great


Whoo hoo! Congratulations!

Congratulations! That's one hell of a story...I'm in happy tears for you! :)


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