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Morning! October 1, 2008

I woke this morning at3:57am, three minutes before my alarm. I woke up because of a smell. A slight smell of skunk was coming in through the window and blowing on me. Now, it wasn't a strong odor, just a light one, but it was enough that it woke me up and then I panicked, thinking the smell would stick to me.

Dude. I am a light sleeper.

If someone sends me a text in the middle of night, even if the sound is off, the light from the face of the phone wakes me up if I forget to cover it while I'm charging it next to the bed.

I love my eyemask and ear plugs. I love them so much. Earlier this week I was out of earplugs and too busy to go buy more. I was down to ONE earplug. I would place it in the ear that was up and then when I rolled over to my other side (which is every half-hour or so), I would remove it and put it in the other ear, now up. And I know, that's kinda ew. Recipe for an ear infection. I was lucky, though, and Lala bought me a new beautiful box chock-full of orange ear plugs, and all is good and quiet again.

Me, I'm about done with my work week. It couldn't come at a better time. I have a lot of things planned this weekend, but I can count on a couple of things: One, I will write a lot, and two, I will be very yarn-ey on Saturday. I'm going to see La Harlot in Santa Rosa at 3pm, and then I'm going to Kira's trunk show at Knit-One-One that night. And people, I am giving up Hardly Strictly Bluegrass to do these things. Free music in Golden Gate Park, all the big names (truth be told, I wouldn't go anyway -- just can't face that many people this year. I'm just not quite up for that crush).

Yay! Knitting and writing. Oh, yes, and running, too. And perhaps some ice cream will fit in there somewhere.


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So...the Harlot's coming to my home town and many of my favorite musicians will be playing for free in GG park?

I need to stop reading your blog.

Whaaaaa.....Feeling very grumpy now...I am with Lynn in Tucson.... Yarn Harlot at Copperfields in Santa Rosa, my old home town????? I NEVER get in on the good stuff. Reno is such a bummer......just had to whine today.

We had a skunk go through our yard a couple weeks ago, but I was upstairs and reading. It was not, however, a faint odor. I think it must have been on the doorstep below.

You know, if you like the earplugs, it might be time to get a set of custom-made, reusable earplugs. Pricey, but worth it. My FIL has some that he raves about, I'll see if I can't figure out where he gets them from, if you want.

I love seeing the Yarn Harlot.

The light sleepers in my family ought to thank you. I am trying to be sympathetic. I really am.
Shrieking (I’m talking teenage girl shriek) through the door when I turn on the hall light to find, oh, I dunno, a tourniquet? to stanch the blood gushing from somewhere on what I believe was my hand because the light shining under the door "bugs you"?
It’s not always easy.

Oh yay! I'll see you in Santa Rosa - I'll be hanging with my friend Jasmin who has hot pink hair, so maybe you can spot me in the crowd if I don't see you first.

Me too, with the lifelong light sleeping thing. I recently broke up with my boyfriend who was the world's worst FLAILER/KICKER. That part did not make a good match. I think I have been underslept for 3 years.

Have a nice R&R weekend!

I, too, am a very light sleeper, but I've resisted earplugs. I think I'm afraid something I need to hear will happen, but I won't be able to hear it...

I can't go to Hardly Strictly -or- to see the Harlot or Kira's trunk show. I've got wedding duty all weekend. I'd be upset, but I'm sure the wedding will be a good time, too!

You can always fit ice cream in. Always.

Sounds like a great weekend.

Check out the assortment packs at the earplug superstore [I kid you not] http://earplugstore.stores.yahoo.net/

Ice cream should be easy to include.

There is a Cold Stone Creamery right next door to the book store the Yarn Harlot will be at tomorrow.

Oh, I know that 'one earplug' routine! You know what I discovered? The orange foam earplugs wash up real nice and clean in the washing machine in a lingerie bag! Just make sure there's no holes in the bag :)

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