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New York! October 28, 2008

No, really. I'm going. First week of December. Delta is having a sale - $161 ROUND TRIP from SFO, non-stop flight. I had been planning on going away that weekend, probably driving to Tahoe, but good god, New York will be almost as inexpensive at that price!

Of course, there's the lodging that might break the bank. Anyone know of a well-located, inexpensive hotel in Manhattan? I want my friend who's never been there to stay in the City, to see it right, but there's always the problem of the hotel. We do have an expensive room reserved already, but any other good ideas? We're looking at December 3, 4 and 5, leaving the 6th.

God, I love New York. I'm so excited.

Oh. KNIT-OUT, anyone? Woot!!!


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If you're not overly fussy about where you stay, hotwire.com is a great source for cheaper rooms. You don't find out the name of the hotel until you commit to it -- but I've found that their star ratings are always dead on.

Oooo, New York!! Lucky girl you!! Can't help in way of hotel recommendations tho, I was a junior in high school when I went....many many years ago LOL!

Hope you have a blast when you go :-)

try the Pod Hotel. It used to be the Pickwick Arms Hotel and is in midtown. I stayed there 4 years ago when it was the Pickwick and the rooms were tiny but wonderful location and reasonable. It has been renovated to be very modern & compact (like being in a ship's cabin almost) but they are still the same tiny rooms.

That is the weekend I usually go to NYC. All the decorations are up. Don't forget to go to The Rock and skate at the Rink.
The Pod Hotel always comes up when searching for inexpensive rooms. I've never stayed there since I use to have friends that I could stay with.
Have fun. Take lots of pictures.

Awesome airfare find! Now if only someone would run a special from SF to DC...

We spent X-mas in NY last year and stayed at the Hotel QT near Times Square. In looking for a link, I just learned it's now the Grace Hotel:


Ultramodern and hip hotel, very reasonably priced when it was the QT (by NY pricing standards, of course). Very convenient for getting to the subway. Being so close to the crowds at Times Square got a little annoying--particularly as New Year's approached. They have a free continental breakfast every morning too in the lounge, and there's a pool with a bar if you're into that. This hotel was way cooler than we are, but we liked it. :)

Priceline is the way to go for hotels. You can specify neighborhoods and star levels, so you're pretty safe. I don't usually go below 3 stars and bid about half (or less) the rate shown on the hotel's websites. Clearly I do this all the time...

I just got back from New York... you'll have a wonderful time!

Delurking to say,
For a smaller, funkier place I would recommend The Larchmont Hotel in Greenwich Village: http://www.larchmonthotel.com/ . Great location, clear, slightly strange, and with bathrooms down the hall European-style.
I've stayed there twice and had a good experience both times.

Let me second that recommendation for the larchmont - I stayed there twice and really enjoyed myself. It's also within walking distance of Una pizzeria, which is just amazing.

Damn, that's cheap.

So. Jealous.

Herald Square Hotel -- 19 W. 31st St.. Small rooms, but cheap, clean and funky, and midtown! www.heraldsquarehotel.com, 1-800-727-1888. It's historical in that I think it used to be the HQ for LIFE magazine.

My friend stayed here this summer


The rates are good and its a really cool hotel! They are really supportive of artists and there's amazing artwork in all the rooms. Its next to the Sex Museum too!

Well shoot, that's exactly when I'm having my tonsils out, just up the road in Poughkeepsie. Actually, I'm having the deed done in Rhinebeck- see, it's not all fun and wool there all the time. How did you find that great fare? I checked the Delta website, etc. and didn't see it. Maybe I could fly a sister out here from California to help me through the recovery after all...

WOW!! how the heck do you get tickets that cheap!! and I am around would love to say hi :)

Knit-out! Awesomeness. Idea for were??? Bryant Park perhaps.... they have ice skating there in the winter so there should be benches.

You might want to take a look at Club Quarters: http://www.clubquarters.com/

They have three locations in New York. My parents swear by them. YMMV. :)

For some reason, December 5th seems to be sold out most places..... Great suggestions, keep 'em coming, and THANKS!

It is the weekend after Thanksgiving so I'm not surprised. That is the first weekend for the tree in Rockerfeller Center. It is also the Smiley's weekend sale.

There are a number of hostels in Chelsea, if you're not picky about things like room service & your own bathroom. When I've stayed in hotels in NYC, it's been on someone else's dime (we usually stay with family but I've had other trips back east, too), so I'm not much help on specifics, but for other cities Priceline has never let me down.

The suggestions for accommodation listed so far seem right on the mark to me. I live in NYC (Chelsea) and would love to join in on a Knit-out here in town! I LOVE it here in New York and find it especially magical in early December. You are going to have an amazing trip. Wishing you the best.

B&B? vrbo.com? have fun!

Last Christmas our family stayed at the Affinia Shelburne Murray Hill - Huge suite but was to begin renovations in January. If we were doing it again, we would keep a reservation in our back pocket, such as you have done, but then go to Priceline's Place Your Own Bid and go that route. Start by bidding low because you can try again the next day. Do your research first as to the area you want and check out the hotels on Trip Advisor and Priceline to see reviews and the star category. I've had very good luck using this system but then remember to cancel your original reservation. BUT, once your bid is accepted, there are no cancellations or changes, I believe. Good luck and have fun!

Me again. Try looking also at Tripadvisor's "New York City B&Bs/Inns" not just their hotels for some budget friendly options. We also looked at the Herald but it books very quickly and couldn't get the beds we needed for 5.

Chelsea Lodge
Chelsea Inn
Chelsea Star

All not too far from the Chelsea Market with Amy's bread. Mmmm.

Would love to meet you for a knitout!!! I knit a lot at Bryant Park, although in December it might be a little bit chilly.

try East Village Bed and Coffee

Just saw this! You may have made arrangements already, but ... my husband has great things to say about the Ye Olde Carlton Arms Hotel at Third Avenue and 25th Street. He's stayed there several times and calls it frugal and funky.


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