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No on 8October 25, 2008

Equality for everyone. I want to keep this marriage license, and it's just TOO close to call right now. I just signed up to wave a sign around with a bunch of other like-minded people. Wanna join the Statewide Visibility Sign-up?

Go HERE. Please.

And as your reward, Digit will ask you to the party:



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I wish I could help, but not much I can do over here in the UK.

This might make you smile, though.

You should totally send a pic in.

Oh, I hope it works out... we're doing what we can out in MA... and did you hear about CT, too?

re: digit's invite... he sorta looks like he doesn't want anyone to come! ahhhh!

Reading into Digit's expression: "How shall I punish you? It must be epic..."

Massachusetts has different stupidity on our ballots. Best of luck with yours!

I did the early voting thing today, and emphatically marked my "HELL NO" on 8. (As did my husband, because everyone deserves the chance we had to share our lives).

There were a bunch of people at the Ferry Bulding farmer's market talking uo the cause, to whom I said, "Right on!!"

we picked up our NO NO NO on 8 sign this morning for our yard and it's up in a prominent place - going off to sign now!!

Love the flag!


Have you seen the cool (and funny) "no on 8" pics on the Looky, Daddy! blog? They would make some great signs!

my NO ON 8 bumper magnet sticker thingy is on its way! i'll be checking out the site above also.


Digit's expression is positively evil. He looks like he's plotting something you wouldn't want to know about, doesn't he? Good luck on 8; don't tell me what to do and I won't tell you what to do, I always say.

I'm over here in my Himalayan hideaway until next spring at the earliest, but thank the gawdess that I'm still registered to vote (absentee) in Oakland. Wish I could wave a sign with y'all too. Over here we're still fighting the battle against mandatory jail sentences for being queer. The world is a funny place and I ain't laughin'. Hugs to your and your LEGAL SPOUSE! Long may you be together with dignity and the love that is so so obvious between the two of you in all your pictures.

Here in FLA, the equivalent proposition is "2" and not "8", but I voted no on it anyway. And I've talked to others about it, 'cause I didn't even know the thing was on the ballot and I figured others might not either. No on 8, even if it's 2!

Gah! I wish I still lived in CA just so I could vote on this one. Everyone in my family will be voting no, but I want to too!

Usually, I wish I lived in California because the bay area is beautiful, and my husband has found a fascination with surfing.

Now I wish I lived there so I could vote.

I'm in FL also, and I also voted a big, loud HELL NO! on our 2. (I made the mark on the ballot with great force and thought hell no as I did it.) ;-) My family members voted NO as well.

Hoping there's a whole lot of quiet average folks like us, both here and in CA.

We live in SLO and at the Thurs Farmers' Mkts there are many people walking with "No on 8" signs and many more wearing "No on 8" stickers (we got the last three from one gentleman). It's been a long time since our family has walked downtown on a Thurs night and I was so grateful both for the activism and the support of others. There were a few "yes" people walking but not many and I didn't see them garnering anywhere near the support as the "no" people. I am hopeful that Prop 8 will fail.

Everyone deserves to marry the one they love. Everyone.

Two no votes coming from my house. :)

Wish my Oregon vote counted there. I do believe that marriage should be defined by love, not the sex of the participants. Good grief. So you at least have my support! And I'll keep working here to get the right back.

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