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Oh, My Cheetah.October 3, 2008

It took me a while to wake up this morning. Late night, don'tchaknow.


I needed more coffee than Clara was going to be able to make me, so I went to the cafe. Still here, and I actually did work, so that's good.

A produce delivery truck just drove by the cafe, advertising Fijian and Mexican produce. Huh.

Did you see the debate? Didja play Palin bingo? We did, but no one won. I think we were too busy diagramming her sentences in our heads to watch the bingo cards too closely. Well, sister Bethany and I were, anyway. Lala actually listened to what she said, and I thought her (lala's) head was gonna asplode. It's just better to let the words wash over you. Easier. She (Palin) was well-coached, though. It wasn't the train-wreck drinking-game I thought it was going to be. Dammit. 

We followed the debate by going to see one of my favorite bands of all time: Cheetahs on the Moon. Power ballads, man. With glam, glitter, Feathers, and a lovely lack of irony.


Lala wore eyeliner for the occasion, and I doubled my application.

Feathers rocks OUT.

Cheetahs is Beth's new favorite band.

You can't go wrong, dude.

Now. More coffee.


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Thank you for the laugh! I thought I was the only person who still diagrammed sentences. Some of these were pricelss. I had a 6th grade teacher, Sr. Bernadette, who used to make us diagram our poorly written sentences. Her rule was if you couldn't diagram it you couldn't use it in an essay.

I feel like a stalker reading about your life and smiling happily at your pet photos. I feel like I know all the animals and you guys, but alas... It's an internet illusion. I feel especially guilty since I don't write much in my blog these days... Monday we're getting a dog (!!!) First dog of my life. Finally. Maybe then will I give you something to ooh and ahh about chez moi - for now, I just love you guys from afar. ;)

That's awesome! I thought my husband and I were the only one that played "Palin-the drinking game" last night! Our rules were that we had to drink every time we heard "Maverick". holy cow, when Biden went off on her he said it like 13 times - nearly did us in! Thank god for box wine and Obama!

I liked it when she would talk about how she felt about various govt programs by saying, "Hey, Government, we don't need you to raise our taxes [or some such blah blah blah]", as if the government was a person and as if she was not herself, you know, the governor of the state.

I had to go get my spindle and spin during the debate. If I let my whole brain focus on it I would have likewise asploded! When she mispronounced nuclear I had to leave the room all together to collect myself. I think the words, "that's it, she's too stupid to live" were heard as I walked out...

This debate's drinking game failed as miserably as the last one! In the first debate, we decided to drink every time McCain mentioned being a POW. By the end I would have taken only TWO drinks - had I not given up halfway through and just started drinking anyway. This one was similar, although I gave up earlier. It's good to know that Biden had our backs, isn't it?
Have you ever seen the Vagabond Opera? They seem like something you'd enjoy. Hell, if you make it next time they're in town, I may actually make it up to SF to see you! And them! And talk about feminist issues!

Well, visionsister beat me to it, but I was going to ask, was it just me, or did Palin keep saying "nook-yoo-luhr" like He Who Should Be Impeached? And what does she have against the letter "g"? She kept talking about goin' or startin' or endin', all colloquial like., as if all commun 'Muricans lack the sense to understand "-ing". Wish I'd been drinking during the debate, might have made Palin make some sense.

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