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OnceOctober 27, 2008

I really may be the very last person to see it, but I finished watching the movie Once last night. It was incredible. I don't know when I last saw a movie that made me feel like I was eating it and drinking it. Every camera angle was gorgeous and heartbreaking and perfect.

I think it might have helped that I watched it with subtitles. I'm usually really good at picking out English from strong accents, but I could NOT understand Glen Hansard's words without the subtitles. But having the lyrics right in front of me made the experience of the songs richer, I think. I loved their voices together, and I loved the story, minimal as it was.

As I was watching it, I was already nostalgic for it. I can't wait to watch it again. It may be one of the few movies I need to own. (I only own a few: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Room with a View, Roman Holiday. That might be it.)

I haven't been moved like that by a movie in a long time. (It took me a long time to watch it, too, almost two weeks. I sometimes like to watch TV in the ten minutes I have between eating dinner and going to bed. La thinks I'm kind of nuts -- she can't imagine not watching a movie all in one sitting. But if it's SUCH a great movie, I like to save it, dole myself little bits and pieces of the deliciousness.)

What movie last made you feel this way?


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I loved Once also. I need to put it on my Christmas list.
I have the soundtrack and love to just listen to them sing.
I prefer to watch a movie in one sitting but you are right sometimes it is nice to watch the movie bit by bit. Almost like reading a book.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
I think maybe Juno made me feel that way. But I really loved Once too. Avenue Montaigne was pretty sweet too and Paris Je t'aime. And Entre Nous (a fabulous lesbian love story that is really hard to find) You may notice a theme here. I do enjoy love stories.
Um, I could write on an on about what I would define as "squishy" movies. I loved the way Once ended. Even though I didn't want it to end that way what other way could it have ended?

Once did it for me too. I just heard the other day that it's coming to Broadway. I think for the 2010 season. Movies that move me? Besides Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday? Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is the only one I can think of right now.

once did that for me, as well.

also, i kind of love that they are together IRL. i got to see them at acl a month ago (the swell season).

I enjoyed Once, too. I thought the ending was handled beautifully and in such an un-American way.

I loved Before Sunset. I saw it before seeing Before Sunrise and I feel like I approached it as a grown-up, someone who had had her share of regrets and what-ifs and "ones that got away." I thought they did a really, really good job of conveying the nostalgia that comes with all that.

And, from years gone by, The Hunger and A Little Romance (one of Diane Lane's first movies) can't be beat.

Gosh, I can't remember the last "grown up" movie I saw! LOL.... we saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua a few weeks ago...it's always kid movies anymore.

The only one I can think of right now was The Notebook....absolutely loved that movie.....

My most favorite movie experience was when I went to see Moulin Rouge. Long story as to why, but such a pleasant memory. I enjoyed every moment.

August Rush.

Fantastic movie overall, even though I must overlook the minor creepiness of Robin William's character, who reminded me of a combination Artful Dodger and Fagin (from Oliver Twist).

I loved, loved, loved this movie. Everything about it was fabulous. I was completely surprised by Shopgirl. Watched it last weekend and loved it as well. Steve Martin? Really? Great.

I think my chick flick gene is broken, I'm all about movies where lots of things explode...

I'm looking forward to seeing Once; it's in my queue. I loved The Lives of Others - visually striking, and the story was so involving.

Ditto for me on Once...the best part of it for me was that I had never heard of it and rented it on a whim! I need to own it, too. I got the soundtrack right after I watched it and have fond memories of listening to it at Maryland S&W last year!

The Namesake. I didn't just cry, I sobbed. It made me feel so happy to be alive to experience....anything.

And you're not the last person to see Once, I've yet to see it.

Hero, with Jet Li. It's the retelling of a Chinese legend about a man who tried to assassinate the emperor. Done all in Chinese and shown with subtitles, the visual effects and the soundtrack are gorgeous on their own, and together they're just breathtaking.

Wings of Desire


Babette's Feast

Both of them were a visual feast, and really showed that movies could be great even without explosions, etc.

I *loved* Once - it's going to Broadway, which makes me really excited, I hope they do it justice. By the way, you should totally get the soundtrack, it's wonderful.

i had the same reaction to Once, though i did watch it in one sitting. i actually bought the soundtrack before seeing the movie and played it on repeat until the rental car's CD player spit it out at me in protest.

other films... mos def Breakfast at Tiffany's. Hilary and Jackie, Punchdrunk Love (to an extent, it got a little weird even for me)...

About 5 minutes into Once, Rachel and I had to turn the subtitles on, too. There was a great interview with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova on Fresh Air a while ago.

Ummmm "Once" . Perfect. I have quite a few perfects, mostly foreign but the one that comes to mind today is an oldie called "Antonia's Line" (1995) still love it.

You are not the last one to watch "Once"...I am last one on the planet that has not seen the damn movie. I will put it on my list of things to do this weekend.

You aren't the last one to see Once. I've never even heard of the movie.

I am rarely moved by entire movies. More often, there are certain scenes in movies that get me. The Let It Be montage in Across the Universe made me cry.

Even though I own and adore your three owned movies (I don't meet enough Room with a View fans--I LOVE that movie) I confess that last movie that just "got" me was A History of Violence. Not very loving, but absolutely captivating.

Once is on my to-see list. Thanks for reminding me.

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