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Pea-BrainOctober 31, 2008


Tiny baby Digit curled up with me last night (not being a jerk at all!) as I almost-finished the book sweater. I'm always so pleased when a neckline works out (god bless EZ). Now all I have to do is graft the underarms. I LOVE GRAFTING. Love it. Seriously. Pics soon.

In other news: My sister Christy is a very good writer. Today, I am distracted with very good things, and can't seem to keep a thought in my pea-sized brain, so go read about her staunch and worthy adversary.


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Ahhh Digit what a cutie :) I too seem to be having a problem keeping my mind on track today...A good day to knit!

Aw...cuddle kitten!

Your sister is a terrific story teller! I love the cat reply of cuteness, so very cat/dog...and such a successful reply most of the time!

Hey...got any advice on cat/dog relations, like how to get the dog to not want to yell at the cat for existing?

Awwww, he's adorable.

I love grafting, too! I thought I was the only one!

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