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Re-recruiting YouOctober 16, 2008

Oh, this makes my heart soar.

California Teachers' Union Donates $1 million dollars to fight Prop 8.

The California Teachers Assn. donated $1 million this week to defeat a ballot initiative seeking to ban same-sex marriage in California, joining the ranks of wealthy gay rights activists and Hollywood politicos as one of the major donors to the campaign.

"For us, it's a civil rights issue," said the association's President David Sanchez. "We don't believe people should be treated differently."

That's amazing.

Also amazing is this movie trailer:

And I'm in it! From an earlier blog-post of mine:

    And it was odd -- there were a lot of us extras, all dressed in 70s clothing, trying to be cool. Sean Penn was doing the same thing. We went through the whole thing a couple of times -- he came out onto the dais in front of City Hall in Civic Center and gave the speech. We cheered and yelled and then he exited the stage. The director yelled cut.
    But then: After two run-throughs which we thought had been real, the director said "Take ONE!" Sean Penn, just walking onto the stage, was a different person. He WAS Harvey Milk (believe it or not). We were in his pocket. His speech, which we'd already heard a couple of times, was world-changing. We would have done anything for him. The cheering and whooping were real. The tears were real. The pride I felt when the pretty boys on the balcony unfurled an early evolution of the Pride Flag was real. The fact that people were there as extras who had been there the first time..... Amazing. So lucky to be part of it.
    So you might see me. But if you don't, please know my voice was one of the voices raised in support.

In the trailer my sister and I are stage right. I couldn't see us, but maybe in the movie we will? Don't really care -- it just looks AWESOME and I'm so excited to see it.


That movie looks amazing. I didn't think I would want to see it (for spoilery reasons, don't want to give anything away), but seeing the preview changed my mind. Thanks. :)

That makes my heart so happy. I've found myself wishing I still lived in CA so I could vote NO NYET NADA on that bloody thing. I can tell that I will be staying up all night long on Nov 4th - I don't think I will be able to sleep until I know the results of *all* the important votes!

i can't wait to see that movie!

i can't wait to see that movie!

Horray for the teachers! Glad to know that someone is teaching our youth real values - that we are all equal - and putting their money where their mouth is! The movie looks great!

i just want to say that my heart and my hopes are in your corner.

I saw a documentary on Harvey Milk a couple of years ago. He was an amazing man. We need more people like that in public office. People who want to embrace the needs of everyone and not just people like "them".

Looks like a helluva movie. Sean Penn is dead on as Harvey Milk.

Amazing movie with an amazing actor about amazing crazy times.
How exciting for you to be a part of it.

Awsome CA Teachers Assoc....Got to wonder how many of those teachers are Mormon? :-)

Heh...you know, before I moved out here my grandfather warned me about how the lesbians might try to get me. I didn't tell him that I maybe wouldn't mind so much, and at the very least, I'd be flattered. ;)

I am a little sad that no one's tried to recruit me yet. Unless this counts.

I cannot. WAIT. to see this movie. I keep watching the trailer over and over. ZOMG.

Apple apparently gave a bunch of money to defeat that awful initiative, and for the same reason.

I want a Pride iPod. :)

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