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Two Days To GoOctober 30, 2008


This is cool. I'll be part of a reading at Knit-One-One on November 15th, with Jesse Loesberg and Peggy Vincent. I'll be reading from my recently completed book. Please come? I haven't given a reading in years, not since I was in grad school, I think. At least it will be for knitters. That will ease my nerves.

Saturday, November 15th, 7:30pm, Knit-One-One, 3360 Adeline, Berkeley


Two days to Nanowrimo! I've been plotting my little brains out. I have a goal of compiling seventy-five to get me comfortably on the way, and I'm up to something over fifty now. Of course, I like plotting along the way, too, and for once in my life I know where a book is going to start AND end, so it should be easier, but you never know. I have three unfinished novels in the drawer that died the death of no-ending, so I'd like to prevent that from happening again.

Sister Bethany is also joining the novel in a month madness again, and she is raising money for the Office of Letters and Light -- if anyone would like to donate, please click here:

All money goes the group behind Nano and the Young Writers Program, which is all about promoting writing for writing's sake, anywhere, everywhere, all the time. They are seriously rad. Thanks.

(Also, if she raises two hundred, she gets to go to the Night of Writing Dangerously. If she raises three hundred, she TAKES ME WITH HER. Ahem. I so want to go.)

PS - your recipes for brown rice/quinoa/barley sound so good I'll be cooking up a storm today. Rain tomorrow. Days off for my weekend. Joy.


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OHMYGOD! What a night! A wonderful human being just donated enough for Beth to take me! And I realized it's the same night! So I'm going to go to the Night of Writing Dangerously, then jet to my reading, and then jet back again to the Nano'ers. What a wealth of writing happiness.

Thank you, benefactor. We adore you. We are so happy! Bethany is beside herself! As am I!!!!

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