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We Have a New TrickOctober 6, 2008

We've been training Clara to "WAIT" before eating from her food dish which we place on her pillow in the living room. She's really, really good at it, and we've been experimenting with doing different things as she's waiting -- I go in my room and make funny noises, or sit on the couch and pet Miss Idaho.

Today Lala tried something else. Willie was already resting on Clara's pillow.

Dude. The cat you can hear complaining is actually Digit, not on screen, not even Willie. That's one mellow cat.


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You are not kidding - what a mellow kitty! This is a great video!

Talk about "stuff on my cat"!

Wow, it must be something in the air at your house, to have such easygoing pets!

Srsly mellow cat! Yup, it's a dog eat on cat world after all.

What a cool video! You must submit a still to stuff on my cat.

Digit's complaint is too funny. I had to "loop" it a few times. He's a singer!

Too funny! I love that both Clara and Willie just act like this is totally normal. Only Digit is worried about the natural order of things.

Ohmygosh! ...and here I am just trying to get the dog and cat to not kill each other!

That's brilliant - I can't believe he didn't mind - as you say, a very mellow cat

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