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25,222November 11, 2008

I'm half-way through the Nano challenge, and it's only the eleventh. Yay! That's good stuff. Boy, am I writing the worst novel in the whole world. But it's so fun to go at breakneck speed -- the plot twists in such interesting ways. I can fix it later.

And I just had a ball writing for just a minute about a ghost who just showed up. I do NOT write about ghosts, and it totally creeped me out. I felt like I was reading a scary book, and I really don't do that ever, either. I got so that I could hardly look over my shoulder in my darkened office (I like to write with really low lighting when I write at 4am -- less painful to be up this early). Then I finally DID look over my shoulder and I saw a man standing there.

It was a pile of clothing draped over my bike handles.

Scared the CRAP outta me.

It was really fun.

Does anyone know of a cheap, adequate motel in Philadelphia? One of my good friends is travelling there tomorrow on the red-eye, and she hasn't been able to find anything for under $300, and she's freaking out. Any ideas would be helpful - Katy is a very nice, sweet person who is obsessed with coffee the way we are with yarn. She needs two nights, Thursday and Friday. Even Priceline couldn't help. Is there something fabulous happening in Philadelphia this weekend? Any ideas are welcome. MWAH!


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your friend may want to think of staying in king of prussia. it's not too far of a drive from philadelphia & there is a fairly decent motel six across from the huge king of prussia mall. i think we paid something like $80 for one night. it was definitely bare bones, but clean and quiet, too.

Alexander Inn


bella vista bed and breakfast


This are the 2 I recommend to family when they come in town.

if those 2 I recommend (which are now missing. alexander inn and belle vista b&b) don't work out.. I have a couch she can crash on.

I don't recommend KOP unless she has a car, or the hotel has a pickup van. KOP is too far from the city to be easy to get to. ESP since they always have a traffic pileup on the highway and you cannot make a flight.

just my 2 cents.

Laughing...good imagination! At work, there's a glass jar with bagels inside just behind where I stand at the register...turns into a mans head more often than I care to admit!

I scare the crap out of myself all the time, usually following up on supernatural stories (ghosts, aliens, monsters, serial killers etc.) on Wikipedia or Snopes. I feel so dopey, scaring myself silly in broad daylight, but I just can't resist...which is especially weird, considering I hate horror movies.

I was just in Philly and stayed at the Latham Hotel, and it was fantastic. Right in the heart of things and under $200/night for a single room. I would totally stay there again.


Not the Bike Man!

Ours hang over the washing machine, so he can grab us in the basement.

When in doubt, have a character set something on fire. Worked for me yesterday!

Unfortunately I probably won't be able to use that trump card again later this month. Damn, I shoulda saved it.

I've saved this from some paper ever since the last overnight in Philly - PSFS building / Loews ran a special, but these looked good:

The Latham Hotel (135 South 17th Street; 877-528-4261), built in 1907, has 139 rooms that start at $99.

Another stylish hotel, converted from law offices in 2001, is a few blocks away: the Inn on Locust, 1234 Locust Street; (215) 985-1905, fax (215) 985-0945, www.innonlocust.com. It has 23 rooms and a suite equipped with kitchenettes, Internet connection, equipment for video conferencing and Murphy beds. Doubles $125 to $175.

Budget: The Hampton Inn, 1301 Race Street, (215) 665-9100, fax (215) 665-9200, stands catercorner from the Convention Center. Amenities in its 150 rooms include high-speed Internet access; guests have 24-hour access to a pool and fitness center. Doubles $79 to $199.

Affording striking views of the Delaware River and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the 185-room Comfort Inn Downtown Historic Area, 100 North Christopher Columbus Boulevard, (215) 627-7900, (fax) (215) 238-0809, offers a courtesy van to Center City. Doubles about $89.

I don't know any hotels in Philly, sorry!

My brain "invents" ghosts all the time - except they are always animals. And though I have two cats and a dog, the animals I see out of the corner of my eye are not the ones I have currently, or any that I have had in the past! (And usually turn out to be a floor heater, a backpack, a bucket, etc.) I am always seeing brown cats and black dogs.

So strange. And freaks me out until I actually look and see the said perfectly reasonable object.

Is she going to have a car? There is always something going on in Philly and they are always short hotel room. Did she try the Holiday Inn in Cherry Hills, NJ? About 8 miles from downtown Philly... They might even be able to shuttle her into the city.

On a different note- I'm so bummed about Prop 8 in CA. Talk about the tyranny of the majority over the minority. Like the US Constitution, you should need at least a 2/3rds majority to amend the CA constitution. Further, it is ridiculous to amend a constitution, a document that is supposed to grant rights and protect against discrimination, to take away rights.

I don't know if it's the only thing going on in Philly this week, but I do know that the American Society of Human Genetics meeting is going on this week. Far from fabulous, but I know it's a big deal for those who are interested in such things.

That can be a trip; there've been times I've written suspenseful parts o' my novels, and my heart starts beating, and I get totally freaked out, even though, intellectually, I know what's gonna happen cuz I'm writin' the thing. Funny how writin' stuff can really get the blood pumpin'!

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