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50,005November 21, 2008

I won Nanowrimo! 50,005 words done. Yay!

Photo 246
(PS - my hair is red now. Willie says hi.)

However, it ain't even close to being done. Feels more like half-way done. I don't hate it, even though it's a first draft. There are some funny bits, parts that I like thinking about (although I don't let myself go back and read them, not at this stage). But I know that yes, it's really awful. That is why I am so glad I've found I'm a decent re-writer. Thank god. Someday I'll make this into something other than the mess it is.

My original goal for November was to write 75,000 words. I've revisited that goal. It feels arbitrary, and I know that won't be enough words to finish the novel, anyway. So I'm taking it a little easier on myself. I'll write everyday until the end of November. (You know I haven't missed a day of writing since July? Proud of that.)  I'll be happy with whatever word count I end up with.

December is for revising Eliza's Cottage (formerly Love Spun). It's due in its "final" form to my editor in January. Chronic overachiever that I am, I asked her what would happen if I got it to her early. (Also, I was thinking that if she liked that idea, then I wouldn't have to do Nanowrimo; I'd get to edit again the already complete novel, something that sounded pretty darn good to me.) But she said that no, she wouldn't be able to do anything with it until January, because of her schedule. This left me back on the hook for Nano. I'm glad of that now. I think.

Then, come January, with Cottage off my plate for a little while (until it comes back again), I'll finish this one tentatively titled Eliza's Story. And then I'll start editing. God, I love to edit. Admittedly, there's nothing like the rush of writing fast and well, galloping down a road of fabulous words. Only most days it's more like slogging through a pond of stagnant, smelly, overused words. That's not as much fun. That's what kind of day I had today, so I'M DONE for today.

Now, as a reward, I'm casting on for Gretel. Yet another hat that will probably look like ass on me. I'm not a good hat-wearer. I made the Amanda hat yesterday, and I hate it. (No, I won't show you -- I'm too embarrassed -- why can't I wear hats?) But Gretel looks forgiving. Going stash-diving now.

And tomorrow, if you'd care to join me, I'm having International Pajama Day one day early (here in East Oakland we are on the other side of the international dateline, didn'tcha know?). I have to work on Sunday, so that leaves me right out of it, but Saturday will do just as well. I'm shopping for the week today, and Lala tells me Netflix on demand will work on my computer, so I'm going to be all set up.


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How funny! You went red, I've just gone from red to purple today :-)

I know what you mean about hats, they don't look good on me either. I like to knit them though so off they go to warm other heads. sigh.

Is Willie saying "hi" or "I will lay on your face and smother you in your sleep?"

It is hard to tell, sometimes, with all black cats. :)

Yippee! Can I admit to being a little jealous that you've hit the 50,000-word mark. I'm nearing 35,000, but I did start on the 10th, so I'm really happy about that.

Anyway, Congrats!

I love getting updates on your book(s)!

You've probably already read all the caveats out there about Gretel, but just in case: it's super slouchy and the recommended cast-on method can be loosey-goosey. I made the middle size and it is plenty slouchy - also had to sew in some elastic to keep it on my noggin.

Having said all that, it was a fun, fast knit. Beautiful pattern. I've got leftover cashmerino that I will be making into a matching neck cuff that I'm calling "Hansel".

Those of us who work at Netflix thank you for your patronage... :)

We are absolutely on the other side of the International Date Line. Right side or wrong side? But I should get out of pajamas to go to soccer game. Maybe I should stay in pajamas to go to soccer game.

Keep on writing Keep on writing

Love how you have the next couple months of writing planned out. With your editor. Hee!

Congratulations on Nanowrimo!!!!! Woo-hoo! I'm jealous! But in a nice way! :-)

Dammit lady, I was enjoying competing with you and you had to go on and zoom ahead of me these last few days. Congrats!

Congratulations...and a week early, to boot! I love hearing about all your writing successes - so exciting and inspiring!

Congratulations! What an accomplishment. And I feel silly in hats, too. I don't know why that is.

OK, let's make it International Pajama Weekend. We need to be inclusive for all you Saturday celebrants, right?

yay for you!
Calorimetry from knitty=warm ears and no hat head.
Knit one (or two) today ;)

I'm one of those lurky lurkers, and I just wanted to stop for a second and say:
1. Congrats on Nanowrimo! And not missing a day of writing since July is quite a feat.
2. Double congrats on The Call! I can't wait to read your books.
3. And, in a moment of pure gush: I love your blog, love your writing. It's just such a happy place to peek into, your life. Thanks always for sharing.

Okay.... back to the shadows of lurkdom. happy Friday!

Yippee! I'm so far behind that I'm considering writing in the day's menus into my story just to rack up some words. I'm off to write...

Hurray! And with a week to spare!

Berets are the universally complimentary hat. This comes from the woman who looks like an afghan dog in every hat she wears. Truly. Except for berets.
It's the nose.

Wow, all done a week early?! That's so impressive. Very well done.

Also, your red hair looks fab.

Also, I'm just now looking nervously at a pretty ball of alpaca, thinking about making a hat. So warm. So snuggly. So fun. So... not very flattering.

Also, I'm prepping now for Pyjama Day. Gotta do my part to make it truly international, dontcha know.

I learned more about Nanowrimo this evening, listening to a weekly radio program (French), Macadam Tribu. What an accomplishment! You are motivated and motivating. Congratulations, Rachael!


LOVE the red. Love it. And congrats on NaNoWriMo!


Start thinking about that jacket photo. I think you should be standing on the beach, in the fog with the dogs, wearing one of your cutest sweaters.
Oh, Yarn-a-Go-Go has knocked the yarn harlot off my top ten list. Your are on my "friends list now, doll.

I thought every day I didn't work was National Pajama Day!!!!

Love the red hair, but then we are partial to redheads around these parts!

I'm also working on the Gretel hat. Just about to start cabling. Can't wait to see yours!

hugs to you and yours!

When you said that hats look like ass on you, I immediately thought a beret may do better. I'd love to see how it works out on your head. I've no doubt the hat itself will work out. Your knitting skills are teh awesome!

Howz Digit?

When you said that hats look like ass on you, I immediately thought a beret may do better. I'd love to see how it works out on your head. I've no doubt the hat itself will work out. Your knitting skills are teh awesome!

Howz Digit?

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