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Bok.November 27, 2008

Because sometimes I lose my damn mind, I made a new store:


Chickens are the new knitting.

Urban? Hip? Chickens! 

(More at the store, clothing, a clock, and a MUG! I'm so getting the mug. And the tote. All proceeds go toward our Coop-Raising efforts.)


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I would just like to say, as a sister, that while chickens are nifty, sweaters make better christmas presents then eggs. Just sayin'. You can knit while looking at the chicks.

I'm with your sister...unless you taught the chickens to knit but then you wouldn't get any eggs ;) I'll go have my coffee now.

And now I know what to get Fondue for the holidays...

Personally, I want the sweater AND the eggs. If not for Christmas, then for the birthday.


Christmas Presents!

Love the store! Very cute chicken logo! Many knitters are interested in being self suffient, keeping chickens in the city is a perfect match. I think you'll have lots of fun plus it's great for the enviroment. There are great websites to visit on this subject, they have lots of experience keeping city animals. Path to Freedom- located in Southern California and Garden Girl in Roxbury, MA. You may want to check the out the websites for tips on chicken keeping plus their sites are very inspirational and I find motivating. Good luck!

Oh, I think I might be sending that link to some people! LOL. BTW, I never thought of my parents as 'cute', and the chickens certainly aren't either, but the way my dad--a hunter/fisherman/eat anything kind of guy---has grown attached to them definately is cute!

Chickens are indeed the new knitting. I got chicken fever last spring and started with day old chicks. Now I cannot imagine life without my girls, Scarlet, Queenie, and The Fonz (aaaaayyy). Eggs, entertainment, and excrement (aka fertilizer)for the garden. What could be better?

My little site Backyard Farm has pics of the chix and the coop I built for them, using mostly scrap lumber and pallets.

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