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SO MUCH FUN! November 16, 2008

I have SO much to tell you. I had a very full day yesterday, very full indeed. I think I'm just going to slap the pics in here and then narrate them, because otherwise, I have no idea where to start. Seriously, go refill your coffee. You might be here a while.

In the morning, my sisters Bethany (on the left) and Christy (on the right) went to the Oakland protest.


Don't you want Dumbledore to be happy? Let him marry! Equal rights for Sulu! I was with the geek squad! And happy about it, too.

There were a LOT of people in Oakland, which was a big relief. I'd been kind of nervous that everyone would cross the bridge and go to the huge SF protest and that there would be thirty of us in Oakland, standing around looking at each other, but that didn't happen. It was enormous and uplifting:  


The pocket vegans were there:


There were only two people protesting the protest across the street. A bunch of us had the same idea at the same time: cross the street and make it look like No on Prop 8 was on both sides of the street! I thought we did a really job at this. Someone driving by would just think No on 8 were the only people there, especially since one of the two protesting had a sign that said Gay = Pervert, only he used the HRC Equality symbol, so he looks like he's on the No side, from a passing car glance.


Then one of the organizers came and talked to us, one by one. He was surprisingly eloquent, because I was ready to tell him where to stick it when I heard he was moving down the line, asking us to go back to the other side. But he explained that while we could obviously do whatever we wanted, they'd really appreciate it if we left the two of them there. By themselves. Lonely and embarrassed, on the far side of the street. He had a really good point, although I could see it from both sides. Below, the two lone protesters (and one gal who was No on 8 -- you can see that nice organizer boy in the blue shirt on the right -- he's going to talk to her).


PS - Both those guys holding signs? Closet cases. You just know it. 


These ladies were on stilts and dancing.

It was an awesome thing to be at. I'm glad that we went. Fight! Fight!

Then I went home to grab a disco nap, because I had a Very Big Night to come.

I drove to the City for the Night of Writing Dangerously. Bethany, who is also doing Nanowrimo, wanted to raise money for their literacy program. With $200 dollars raised, she got to go to this exclusive benefit soiree. For $300 raised, she got to take a friend (ME! ME!). A reader (anonymous and GORGEOUS -- you know who you are, I don't, but THANK YOU!) donated enough to get not only Bethany in, but me too, and at the last minute, the Nano people let her bring ANOTHER friend (our fellow Nano'er Laura).

I beat Beth and Laura there. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay for long, because I was double-booked, and I didn't know if I would even get to see Beth, since she was stuck on the other side of the Bay in a traffic jam. I was sad. I sat outside in my car and considered whether I was brave enough or not to go inside by myself. (Normally I don't mind going to things by myself. But I was already nervous about the rest of my night and the thought of going in and making friends was exhausting.)

But I did. I got in line right as the doors opened. Chris Baty (the founder of Nanowrimo --he is so seriously swoon-worthy, I swear to god) was there at the front door and shook every person's hand as he or she came in. When he got to me,  he looked right at me (he might have remembered me from last year when I hit on him, maybe not), and he asked how my writing was going. (Don't worry, Lala thinks it's cute.)

I believe I said something like this: "Oh, my god, I just sold my Nano! For a three-book deal! At auction! To HarperCollins! I just wanted to let you know! That's why I'm here! Dude!"

To his eternal credit, he said, "Oh, my god! That's awesome! Email me! And you should speak here later tonight! You should inspire people with your story!"

Whereupon I said, "Oh, my god! I have to go soon! And give a reading!"

The people in front of me and behind me were quite surprised. One guy (hi, Eric!) was nice enough to let me hang out with him, and he was a doll, bragging on me to perfect strangers. Ain't nothing like that to make a girl feel good.

Of course, I forgot to get pictures (but Bethy did). It was straight class, yo. They really did a gorgeous job. The theme was NanoNoir, and people were encouraged to noir it up, which they did. Lookee: a whole bunch of people eating, drinking, and WRITING (in the dark):


Laura and Bethany!


Man, Bethany looks like Mom somehow in that photo. 


Here, I must say, she looks more like me. She got that hat specially for the night. How CUTE is that? Must steal. 

I did get to hang out with them for a little bit before I left, and then I jetted across the bridge feeling Oh-So-Writerly. In my station wagon. Yeah. But in my mind it was a little black MG, you know?

At Knit-One-One, we found out that Jesse Loesberg had decided to talk his wife into having twins that day, just so he could get out of the reading. So he wasn't there (you were missed, Jesse!). But neither Peggy Vincent nor I welcomed two infants into our lives that day, so we had no excuse.

Nor would I have wanted one, even though I was hella nervous. It turned out to be awesome. Sile put on a wonderful night, as she always does. Peggy was great (love her book), and I was a spazz. I kind of spazzed out all over the place, as you can see here:


What you can't see are my shoes, which are SO CUTE. Trust me, lace up black thirties style heels. They made the reading better. 


Peggy is laughing at me.


And there were a ton of wonderful, interesting people there who wanted to talk writing! Why hadn't I thought of that? I kind of thought at a knitting/writing reading (!) there would be more knitting talk, but there wasn't. It was mostly writing talk, and I was SO HAPPY. (Although talking knitting is nice, too.)


WHY do I go so red? Ack.


Sister Christy gave me the best compliments that meant more than anything. Even Chris Baty telling ME I was swoon-worthy wouldn't hold a candle to the way she made me feel special and talented. (I loved when someone asked how long we'd been friends and we gave each other a look that said, A REALLY LONG TIME.)

Okay. Enough about yesterday. Allow me to flash back for just a moment to last week. My RWA chapter gives a white rose to members with first sales. I'd been DYING for a white rose. The day before my meeting last week, after the deal was official, Lala brought me these:


She swears she didn't even know about the white rose deal with RWA. It was just a fluke. One of the best flukes ever. A week a a half later, they're still so damn beautiful. I think they're the best flowers I've ever received:


And one last thing I HAVE to share with you. My gift from Rachel O.  


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Srsly. I am so getting a chain and wearing it around my neck.

Heh. Today: Brunch with friends. Writing. Cooking tonight. Work week starts tomorrow, but it's a short week, so that's good. Yes. Very good.


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Congrats Rachael! Loved all the photos in this post...so much better than simple "envisioning". Could have done with a photo of the cute shoes tho. Shoes rock! And so do you.

Just reading about how fab your day was yesterday made my day today a really good one. I'm so happy for you!

You looked awesome and SO very happy! My face turns red at every slightly blushworthy moment, when I'm too warm, when I have a glass of wine...or when ever it wants to flash my feelings to the world.

So...what did the pro-8 guy have to say about wanting to be all alone with his closeted sign holder friends?

I have to say that this whole post brought tears to my eyes. Awesomeness all the way round.

oh schmoo, I am so happy for you. You put so much goodness and love out into the world and it's awesome to see such amazing things happening for you. yay Rach!

So many good things, hooray!

Hee, Beth and I were walking to get some drinkies and that Eric guy was bragging about you to someone else behind us. Beth said "I think you are talking about my sister!" It was very very funny.

I had such a good time! It would have been better if you were there for longer, but we managed (somehow) to have fun without you, and you were off doing more important things!

Love the nameplate!

Life is Good! And you deserve it so! Thanks for the great read this mornin'. Coffee, jammies, readin' yer blog and celebrating with ya and cheering you on. oh yeah.

I'm still so excited for you!!! Congrats!

Everything you post lately makes me tear up with joy and happiness and pride. I'm so glad yesterday was such a great day for you, from start to finish. Hurrah, or Huzzah, or something!

Rachel!! I am so happy for you and the protest turn out looks awesome. The Marriage protection act was on the ballot here in Florida, I voted against it. I can't imagine loving someone and not being able to call them my wife or husband. I just feel if more people could see couples like you and Lala they wouldn't be so full of fear or hate. Love is love and why people can't see that I don't know.

Congratulations on the three book deal, WOW! I can't wait to buy a copy.

So very amazingly awesome, all of it. I'm so sorry I couldn't make your reading nor hook up on Friday. We had an awesome breakfast, toured the best of S.F.'s yarn shops, all shuttered (don't ask) and WALKED ON THE BEACH. Barefoot. In November.

But we'll try again, yes?

Congrats on the book sale! Re your redness, you might have a skin condition called roseacia. Check with a dermotologist for medicines to help.

first, congratulations on the three book deal.
we had a great turn out in Seattle for the national day of protest -- we also had two (closted) protestors, one left pretty early on.
(photos on my blog).

Your happiness is INFECTIOUS, my darling -- and I was in need of being infected with happiness. So not only CONGRATS but also a "thank you" for the smiles.

Can't WAIT to read ALL THREE OF THEM. And all the ones after them, too, of course....

todays post was wonderful happiness love joy == you deserve it all

Your blog makes me happy and giddy and ready to jump up and down in my seat :-). Your posts are such a tonic to me right now, because I don't think I can take another post or news story that includes the words "in these tough economic times . . ."

What an awesome day! Saturday was the last day of my vacation and I should have gone to Oakland. (I live in San Francisco) What do I never know about these things? I am so happy you were there and that the rest of your day was so significant. Congrats from a fan.

What an awesome day! Saturday was the last day of my vacation and I should have gone to Oakland. (I live in San Francisco) What do I never know about these things? I am so happy you were there and that the rest of your day was so significant. Congrats from a fan.

Entirely too much fun and so awesome! So happy for you.

Oh Rachael! I love your blog, your writing moves me. You affect me deeply when you are sad, but it just makes me so happy when you are happy like this. I wish all good things for you and Lala and the people and pets you love!
(and you make me think I should have a blog, too, so I could stop being just a lurker who comments once a year)

oh girl. you made me all teary-eyed! i'm so so so so proud of you!

Um, your weekend was amazingly productive!

I'm so thrilled for your writing accomplishment (it's really becoming real, huh? you must be freaking!!) and props to your prop 8 protest (and here's hoping that the Supreme Court do not interpret marriage as a license).

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