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Locals! Reading! November 12, 2008

Don't forget, I'll be reading this Saturday night. I hope you can come. I really do -- I'm pretty darn nervous about it. It won't be long, just 15 minutes each for the three of us, and I've heard a rumor that there will be wine and cheese afterward.

What if I fall over? What if I spit into the mike and short it out and then there's a fire in the wall and the fire department has to come and then someone tells them that I'm a fire dispatcher so then they want to talk shop and then I'll be at the reading thinking about work and then I'll turn red.

No, really, I know I'll turn red no matter what. I have times in my life where I'm more red-prone than others. This has been a red-prone couple of months. If someone else blushes, I blush. I'm not to the needing-medical-help kind of blush, but I do hate how often I do it. I'm blushing now, as I write this. I will definitely blush while I'm reading.

You wanna come watch me go beet-red and stutter? Doesn't that sound great? (I'll be roaring into town from the start of the Night of Writing Dangerously, and I'll be prepped to head back to it after the reading, so I'll even be more heated up with pure speediness.)

Where: knit-one-one, 3360 Adeline St, Berkeley
When: Saturday, 7:30pm

Woot! (DETAILS HERE, scroll down)


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I would LOVE to see you "go beet-red and stutter" or any other variation of reading.
I guess I'll wait for the book tour when you come to Seattle.

If I were anywhere near, I would totally be there to watch you go beet-red and stutter.

You'll be awesome.

I'm the type that would go see you turn-red-and-stutter and then would turn-red-and-stutter in sympathy. I fully intend on becoming a reclusive, hermit author type (if I'm not one already).

Despite that, I would go see you if I didn't live at the other end of the state! Good luck though!

i have no doubt you'll be fab and i'm totally missing out!

Oh, how I would LOVE to come to your reading! I know you will kick ass, even without me there.

I will actually be in your fair city on FRIDAY night. This is just not fair.

Well, I'm 2,580 miles from your reading. I guess that makes me "not local." But I'd be there if I was!
The blushing thing reminded me of a public speaking class I took in college. I consider speaking in public one of my strong suits - it doesn't phase me much.
One speech was videotaped, and we were to get feedback from our classmates afterwards. One classmate's helpful suggestion was that I not wear scoop-necked tops. Sure enough, on the video, you could watch the red creaping into my face, neck, and lower. It was rather distracting. :)

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