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Nano UpdateNovember 4, 2008

Nano wordcount: 8,020 words. I am right on track so far. I love the feeling I'm getting with this whole WRITING thing. I've been editing so long that I'd forgotten how wild a rush it is, writing the first draft. I loe that whole OHMYGOD WHAT'SGOINGON thing that occurs. Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy, if exciting, ride.

I love the little surprises that happen when you're writing -- those pieces that fall onto the page with a satisfying clink, the sound of understanding. Oh! This is what's going to happen next, and that's why that happened in the last chapter! It's like certain things are meant to be written, and you don't know it until you get there, but when you DO get there, it just works. It feels good in the brain, like a mini-massage. I'm not even kidding; that's what it feels like.

It happens in bigger chunks in revision, where whole segments of writing suddenly beg to be moved forward, or back, or worse, erased. In the case for erasing, I like to control-X big segments like that out and paste them into another document which I figuratively clutch to my chest. I shall never lose these words! My darlings! And then, always, the next time I look at that document, a month later, those words are dumb and outdated and perfectly ready for the big delete.

Writing is good stuff, yo. Yep.


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Oh, funny, I thought I was the only one that did the CTRL-X / new document thing! Those are funny to read after the fact.

Yeah, it's fun watching my 3 characters comin' to life on the page; early November is such an exciting time these days! Happy writing!

I'm so glad you're having a good time of it! I hope my writing mojo comes back someday. :)

I am inspired. I started the Nano thing and have 1947 words. I love it. Just to make time to write is awesome.

Brava honey! You are WAAAAAY ahead of me at this point. I'm only at about 1100 words. But I plan on doing some serious writing tonight (should have done some last night, but got caught up in my knitting.) I'll be using your totals as some inspiration...let's see if I can keep up!

Wow! I still haven't quite hit the 5k word mark. I'm hoping I can get a couple thousand more down while my son naps this afternoon, but of course I am also sucked in by election news coverage, which is very distracting!

Yay! I'm at 5100 or thereabouts - it's so fun watching these things happen and plot fall into place (or off a cliff sometimes!).

hey - i'm so excited that you're doing this again.... i wonder what will come of it THIS time?! i hope you know i'm totally waiting anxiously until i can buy the last year's one... i got hooked and now i want to know what happens!

did i miss the fireman coming to dispatch post do tell need tokeep my mind off of pain

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