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National Protest DayNovember 14, 2008

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the day you can do something about California's Prop 8, even if you live in another state. There will be a protest near you in the ACLU's Nationwide Join the Impact Protest. I'm going to be at Oakland City Hall with my family. Join us there, or elsewhere. This is, I think, one of the most compelling arguments I've heard so far:

It's almost as compelling as Erika's argument against one of the myths:

It cheapens the institution of marriage.

This one always makes me chuckle.

If allowing child molesters, serial killers, death row prisoners, meth addicts, neo-nazis, corporate polluters, rapists, people who let their dog poop on the sidewalk and don’t pick it up, tobacco company executives, dog fighting enthusiasts, and serial drunk drivers to get married doesn’t “cheapen the institution,” what will?

GO HERE to find out where you can be tomorrow.

PS - Thank you all, my darlings, for your kind congratulations yesterday. I really am still dancing in chair. Almost constantly. I actually pulled my trapezius muscle from doing the happy dance. I am not making that up. It's worth it, though.


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Sneaking in a congratulations early today, I can't wait to read your book and pretend I know someone who's published, lol!

Wishing (for once) I was in a bigger city so I could participate in the protest!

Interesting that prop. 8 is "one man and one woman" and the LDS sponsored it...are they trying to further obscure their polygamous past?

Whoa! Even Reno is have a protest, times they is a changin"!
Thank you for the heads up! I will be there!

Very very interesting and compelling video commentary. Amen amen amen!! ( And like the man said....I'm not even gay.)

What a wonderful, heartfelt, emotional and compelling argument he makes. I knew I liked Keith Olbermann. I agree so much with what he says - what does it matter to anyone else, straight, religious, white, black, what 2 gay people want to do? And I'm so sick of the "sanctity of marriage" argument - especially when voiced by hypocrites who have had affairs, left spouses who have been ill for someone else who happened to turn their heads, or have never even married. What a disappointment that in this day and age, some horrible, narrow-minded, bigoted assholes could deny something as simple as love and happiness to their fellow man.

Congratulations on your book deal! I am so happy for you. Put me on your writing email list. I'm commenting here since your other post has sooooooo many comments I'm afraid mine would get lost!

And, yeah, on prop 8. I was so disappointed in California on that one. I immediately thought of you and Lala. At some point in the extremely near future I think all of this will just become the non-issue it really is.

I'm late with the congrats but that doesn't make them any less yippee skippy yahoo-y! Congratulations Author!

I'll protest in spirit! 8 = H8.

I'll be there with you in spirit since I can't be with you in person. I have an appointment at 3:00 p.m. in Lathrop with Louie. What for, you ask? I'm buying a purple Harley from Eagle's Nest H-D! At the ripe young age of 50, I've decided that it's time to be a biker chick again. And why not? I'm too old to give a rat's ass about what anybody thinks of me. :)

Good luck with the protest - something has to give on all this.

See you at the protest, darling.

I can't believe that we at k11 are hosting a reading with a person who is not only fabulous terrific and rocks but has a 3 book, book deal! Yeay! Whee! Can't wait to congratulate you in person.

Hey Rachael! Jenn and I just got back from the Seattle rally. Several thousand people took over Capitol Hill and then headed downtown. I've always avoided this type of thing, but it was really moving to be in the middle of it. I'm glad I went. Thanks for the reminder.

And congrats on the book deal!!

Congratulations on the book deal!

I'll be with you in spirit at the protest. Whatever people are thinking when they deny loving people the right to marry, they are just wrong - and Keith said it so well, didn't he?

i couldn't be in boston today, but looked at the pics on facebook and started to cry. there were so many people there! there was a picture of two gray haired men with a sign that said, '53 years together, 4 years married!'
i stayed up late on election night to see what happened in CA... and felt sick to my stomach when i saw what happened. i will continue to hold out hope and do what i can to support LOVE. everyone should have the right to follow that dream.

I had to be at a work conference from 10-5 today, but when we went out for lunch we drove by the protest in San Jose, and it was wonderful to see so many people! We honked and waved at everybody, it was great!

Me and my daughter represented in Long Beach. It was a pretty small gathering because I think many people went to the LA one instead, but it was good to be there. I love, love, love what is happening here. There are those moments when the opposition thinks they have dealt a crushing blow only to discover that instead it was the last straw. At some of the demonstrations I have been to, there have been yes on 8 people there saying "the vote is over, you lost" as if that really means anything. It's surprising to me, but I'm grateful to them for galvanizing us all.

And I know I'm late to the party, but I continue to be so thrilled as I watch your writing career take off. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Have you ever blogged how you ended up with your dispatch job? I'm wondering how to get into that profession.

Well, dang; somehow I missed the protest thing yesterday. Phooey. Hopefully I'll get another chance to show support.

And also, belated, CONGRATS on the book deal!! Holy COW how exciting is THAT?!?!??!?!

BIG hugs from Richmond!

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