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OBAMANovember 4, 2008

Oh, HELL yeah. I cried through that whole thing. And the noise in Oakland was great.

So happy. Welcome back.


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Took my sons to the polls today. I could barely choke back the tears while I voted. Then I had them stay up to watch the results. At ages 5 &1/2 and almost 8 it is sure to make an impression of Democracy in action. Here we go................

I woke up my 7-1/2 year old at 11pm to watch Obama's acceptance speech. I want her to know how important this moment is--even if it doesn't register now.
He mentioned "gay and straight" people. Did you all hear that! woot woot.

Love. I want to say so much more, but the tears interfere.

Congrats (from over the ocean)!
I'm happy with and for you! And the world !


I've been cycling between joy and relief since the totals started coming in. And if I weren't working teletype tonight, I'd probably be in tears, too. As it is, I spent my break blinking them back as I watched parts of the acceptance speech replayed on CNN and (believe it or not) Fox News. Such a historical moment, none too soon in coming. I'm so proud of the people in this country who said "Enough" and voted to take it back!

Woohoo! From across the pond. I like Lala's post - it speaks of hope.

Now, if we could just come up with someone inspirational to vote for over here...

I live in Europe, I haven't been to the US yet - and I also cried. I was so nervous yesterday because I couldn't vote, just wait. Even here, you can feel how relieved people are; I'm really happy. :-)

How could a state that voted so strongly for Obama turn around and vote yes on 8? I don't get that, and I am horrified. I volunteered yesterday for No on 8, and at least where I was, there was a lot of support for No. Even my 11 year old gets how bad this is.

I hesitate to ask, but I really want to know... this is a serious question... how can California support Obama AND the gay marriage ban? Confusing to me, cause I didn't support him (please don't label me "EVIL" or "Racist" as do my co-workers), but I also DON'T support the ban against gay marriage?? Maybe that works out in some weird way. :D

Wow. I have no idea, Cynthia. It's really interesting that you are against one and not the other, just like California is, but in different directions. I find it fascinating. Thanks for the comment -- I wish I could explain it..... :)

Watched the returns last night, and at about 11:02, when Jon Stewart reported that the President-Elect was Barack Obama, I cried. And Lucy reached up and patted my face. And like some kind of hormonal mother-freak, I knew it would be okay. A hell of a lot of work, but okay.

Thought you'd understand.

I cried through the whole thing too. What a moment! It is so wonderful to feel hope and pride again.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
The reign of terror has ended!!

Amen, sister. The sense of relief is palpable.

wooo hooo!!! i'm also holding out for the last 5% ofvotes to be counted for prop 8 to be defeated...

I still keep weeping at odd moments! Have my eye on Prop 8, though--wish I was a California voter.....

Watched the election coverage with tears running down my face once Obama hit 273.

cried with joy last night when obama won. now i'm choked up for the wrong reasons looking at the prop 8 results. so sad that this country can come so far, and yet stay so behind all in the span of a single day.

ok, i don't get prop 9. i mean, i understand what it says, but does it mean that the people that got married get their marriages legally "taken back"? or does it mean that you now just won't be recognized?
so confusing.... and odd...

I got a little misty when I voted, and again when the results began to get called, but no tears, until this morning when I saw the interviews of people around the world, people in the street, and they were ALL saying the same thing "the American Dream is real". They all had the same amazed look on their faces, as if a long lost friend had returned.

Its been a long 8 years, hasn't it? Now we can breathe a sigh of relief! Now, about those equal rights in California....

Today feels lighter and brighter even in Reno, Nevada. Thank you to my Oakland home girls who kept me dialed in to the party via speaker phone. Hugely disappointed in Prop 8, but KNOW that one day it will be another VICTORY! and we do have ONE amazing victory to clebrate!!!!!

I cried too. It really surprised me at how emotional I was. He is up for a huge challenge. And I hope the country can come together to make it happen.

I must say, I really really think that Prop 8 went down because people didn't understand that NO MEANT YES!
I believe that the initiative was purposefully mis-named and people were confused and thought that they were voting "Yes" because they thought it meant "Yes, same-sex couple should be allowed to marry." and No meant to ban it.
Tragic. Frackin' TRAGIC. Especially for a diverse state like California.
I hope they can have a re-vote.

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