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The Cade SweaterNovember 7, 2008

Lookee! I've been knitting!

It's the Cade sweater, for the book. The pattern is as yet unavailable, but it will be someday, promise.


In other news, I've been writing. Nano is fun, but I'm tired, and I'm out of words for the day, so I'll just give you my view from my lunch table today (Bethany and I worked there -- can you imagine a better place to write?):

The Golden Gate is just visible in the background..... This is from Greens, in Fort Mason. A gorgeous, celebratory day.


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So who's the strapping man in the sweater? Doesn't look like Lala.

nice view indeed! One of my favorite restaurants... and nice sweater indeed!

Rest your creative juices.

Great sweater! Love the colour. I had to take a break from Nano last night too. Even though I've only half the words you've got, since I spend all day in front of a computer writing at my day job, I needed a break. But today I break 10,000 and maybe more!

I've been to Greens (about a decade ago)! And I love that sweater . . .

Beautiful! As usual you is a genius!!!

Yum, Greens! Haven't eaten there in years. May need to go while there at Thanksgiving.

Love the sweater, too.

That's a pretty good place to write. Beautiful day!

Me too! Me too! Very nice sweater, almost simple but not really.

I had to scroll back to the top to check the date. Gorgeous clear day yesterday! I've always wanted to have a long leisurely daytime meal, with lots of coffee.

(Today was a gorgeous grey day. The November leaves glowed in a quiet way. Very quiet under the almost yellowing grapes in our backyard. Between happy kid noises of course.)

Happy Writing!

Oh wow, I LOVE greens. A friend brought me there last time I was in town for a dance workshop. I had grilled peaches. Num.

Loverly sweater, ma'am, and a gorgeous view... how do you look away long or often enough to write?

in my sleep deprived & and pain med fogged brain
i first thought that was your regular workplace and I was really envious -- great sweater


Nice sweater!

How do you do this? Why, When? I am about to throw in the sticks. I hate being a wanna be anything, and now I am a wanna be knitter. You have produced countless beautiful sweaters to my three dishcloths and 4 baby hats. I bow to your genetic superiority and congratulate you on another incredible piece of wearable art.

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