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Yes We DidNovember 5, 2008

(How many blog posts are titled that this morning?)

My agent said last night in Brooklyn there was dancing in the streets. She went out and danced (I adore her) and said that it looked like Fame: literally people dancing on top of taxis. That made me want to cry all over again. Yes. We had fireworks and gunfire (both are always in full supply in my neighborhood) and honking. Joy.

Now. Back to writing. I'm at the cafe. The coffee guy who knows me added a sugar to my coffee since I usually get it that way, the first sugar I've had in a month. I should have had him remake it, but it's a holiday, right? Celebration!

I'm at 11,665 words. Want to hit 13,000 today. Here I go.


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I have to go to work today...hoping to not burst in to tears every time someone mentions the president elect! Still can't believe the reign of the scary white guy is OVER!

People were dancing on taxis in my neighborhood too (maybe same neighborhood? where does your agent live?). It was incredible. Pretty sure when I got up at 7 this morning they were still outside partying.

THIS is the country I want to live in. (well, mostly.)

Ecstatic even out here in New Zealand!! It makes me so proud of the USA... and homesick (we're ex-pats living in NZ). We made our eight year old son (who has only ever known NZ) come in from playing and watch the acceptance speech, telling him that this is a day that he must remember for the rest of his life. (My husband and I were both in tears!)

But it isn't just us ex-pats. I've gotten heaps of congradulations from co-workers all day long.

Ditto, ditto, ditto! Obama rocks.

(Sorry about Prop 8. That sucks.)

Sooooo excited. It's none of my business way over here in the UK, but still, so excited. (And so disappointed about Prop 8 etc... but hopeful that the time is coming to make this a big national constitutional issue, and win it.)

Hell YEAH we did!!! LOL....am so ecstatic!! If you like the dancing in the streets, check this one out...


Gave me goosebumps....

And I'm so sorry about Prop 8.....my brother is in Santa Monica and I know he's disappointed too.....

11,665! I just finished out a wee 9,945. I'm determined to beat you out by the end of the weekend, though!

We had dancing on the streets too, and fireworks, and honking cars until well after midnight, and we live in Ithaca. Tweren't just Brooklyn. And we wish we'd been able to vote against prop 8. Ugh. When will it end? xo e

here are pictures of people around the world reacting to obama being elected. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/04/reactions-around-the-worl_n_141187.html
pretty amazing to think that this is so historic for us, and for the whole world. p.s. SO sorry about prop 8

So relieved that most of the USA voted Obama. God bless 'Murrica.

At the same time, so disturbed that most of CA did the Prop 8 thing. God bless these folks with more wisdom in the future because they sure as he77 blew it this time. Dangit. I am so sorry, R & L. If my daughter grows up to be gay I am *so* moving to Canada with her.

My sister was in Grant Park in Chicago. That must have been amazing. It's a new world.

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