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2009 Recap - ETA: I mean 2008! Whoops! Ha! December 29, 2008

Look at that! It's the end of another year. Let's quickly go over what this very strange year has held, shall we?


Diagnosed as allergic to soy lecithin. OMG, I've been allergic to 99.99% of all chocolate goodness for that long? That's crazy. I'm doing okay with it, though.

It was nice this week, though, to remember that although I've been avoiding sugar, I'm not actually allergic to it. Therefore, when I had that lebkuchen and stollen that my sisters made, my face/eyes/tongue weren't going to blow up. Boy, did I get a sugar rush. But fun!

Harriet got older. But she also got wiser, and dare I say it? Cuter, too.



Boy, I didn't do much. I wrote. I knitted. I went to Stitches. I completed Jeanie, which is one of my favorite things I've ever made.



Bought my Roomba-boyfriend! I still heart my Roomba. Nine am, rain or shine, home or not, I am vacumming. If you have three dogs and four cats, you should totally have one. Of course, it breaks a lot, but Costco just refunds my money and I go down to aisle 19 and grab another one. I'm just about due for a new one -- the spinning arms fell off and the screw is stripped. Still working, though. The one I have now is the hardiest so far -- I will be sorry to see this one go.

Lala found Bart (who has been adopted by a man in Danville, so that means Bart is now RICH and spoiled and probably only eating caviar and prime rib. Do NOT tell Clara.)


I finished the first edit of Love Spun. Whoohoo!


We went to Hearst Castle for our 2nd anniversary. Yay! I had a really, really bad flu. Boo. I wrote most of a script. I sent out my first, trembling query letters to agents. I went to visit the little mama, who wasn't feeling well. It wasn't the best month for anyone we knew, actually.


Lala was deep in training for the AIDS ride, so I was a bike-widow for a month. Mom went into the hospital with lots of symptoms that eventually were diagnosed as multiple myeloma. I finished the Mom sweater at her bedside:



Lala rode the AIDS Lifecycle, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I was SOOOO proud of her.


Mom died. My heart broke in a way that will never be healed, nor should it be.

I re-learned that I have a kick-ass family.

We had a music party for Mom, which she would have liked very much.


Sister Christy had her appendix out in emergency surgery only a few hours after the above picture was taken. Of all of us, she really had the crappiest couple of weeks. Dude. That just ain't right.


I went up and worked for a couple of weeks at an expanded dispatch center for the big fires we had in California. It was good to get out. But I did work twenty-three days in a row (hello, overtime!), so I was good and tired by the end of it all. But that money paid for a new tattoo:



I attended the Romance Writers of America National Convention, which blew my mind. So many incredible, talented, smart, motivated writers, all in one spot. That was awesome.

And way more awesome, I got myself an agent! Susanna Einstein, best agent in the world.

Merlin Mann wrote a twitter that honestly changed the way I look at my writing:

Looking for the real "Ultimate Writing Productivity Resource?" Here you go: "Go write. Now. Then do it again tomorrow." There's your "hack."

Yep. I've done that ever since. I've missed a few days since August, but only when I was either sick or travelling, and that's allowable in my personal rules. Otherwise, I've written every single day, and it's made all the difference. I'm convinced of this.

I got a Kindle! I love my Kindle!

My friends bought me a desk! I love my desk! (It was to celebrate my getting an agent -- a token of their belief in me. I love them for it.)



Went to Strawberry Music Festival and missed Mom (but had fun with Dad and the Whoreshoes).

Got married. Again. I know. Third time's the charm.



I edited my little hands off, in preparation for Susanna sending out the book.

Said goodbye to sugar. (I'm still off the sugar and 14 pounds lighter for it. I don't miss it -- I'm so used to being allergic to things that it doesn't feel like deprivation, does that make sense?)

I ran the Nike half-marathon! Woot!



OBAMA! 'Nuff said.

I gave my first reading.

I GOT THE CALL! (Three book deal, HarperCollins (Avon), the first due out in a year.) AKA - the dream come true.

I received my Love Blanket from people like you:


I won Nanowrimo! (Third year in a row, yay!)

Chickens were wanted, and are still being planned for.


New York! (Dude, wasn't I just there? Almost a whole month has gone by? That's bizarre.) I met my agent! I met my editor (May Chen)! It was so great! (Lots of exclamation marks!)


I accepted an offer in Germany for my book. (Thanks, little mama.)

I signed The Contract.

I went to Dad's house for Boxing Day, where we all played Apples to Apples (best family game EVER). I swear I could feel Mom in the kitchen while we laughed in the living room. It was very hard, for all of us. But we made it through. I can only imagine the holidays get easier as time goes on. I hope so, anyway.

All in all, a very, very bad / very, very good year.

And you've been here for all of it, and I thank you. I adore you. I send kisses. Let's move on into 2009, shall we? I'm ready.


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As an avid reader, let me thank you once again for sharing your life through this blog. In 2008 your blog helped me remember to laugh,cry, and visit the dog park. I remembered how to make quiche, knit, and stop eating sugar and white "stuff". I too am pounds lighter. Know you are appreciated. Continued happiness to you and L in 2009......

Hey, love the recap! Tough year and a great year. Glad you made it through to the other side and no worse for the wear. Hope to meet up with you some time to knit... we live so close, are you still knitting on Sundays?

What a year!
In every picture, you are smiling...and that is what I admire most about you. You keep looking up! up! up! and while I know best you can cry while you smile, that beautiful smile is always there to greet me with every picture of you.
Have a wonderful new year.

Wow! What a year girl!! {{{hugs}}} Hope you and Lala have an awesome New Year!!!

Ooooh....guess who's coming to California in the spring?? That'd be me.....woot!!! I've never been before, I'll be flying into LAX and staying in Santa Monica with my brother....I don't suppose that's anywhere near you guys is it?

I started reading your blog a year or so ago (went back and read all the archives, so it seems longer). Gotta tell you, when the Bloglines list comes up, if you have an update, that's where I go first. You are the most upbeat, positive person I know. Your outlook of always seeing the good in any situation is so uplifting, you start my day in the best possible way. I admire you (dare I say "heart you") immensely. I am so glad I've gotten to know you and I wish for you all the best in 2009.

Happy New Year to you and Lala!

Dude that was SOME year. Best wishes for a fabulous 2009!

Congrads on the book deal! I look forward to reading every word.

We love you, too, and give kisses back in turn.

No one could be more ready for 2009 than I. I lost my Dad in '08. He was my rock and I miss him dearly. Losing a parent sucks so I understand. Here's to 2009 (hear those glasses clink?). Woot!!

What a roller coaster! I hope there is more love and happiness in 2009. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Thank you so much for letting us share your year with you. Even though we've never met, I can say you have enriched my life with your words (and, I know I'm not the only one who feels that way!).

Happy New Year!!

I love this post. You have been on my mind so much through the holidays. What a roller coaster year you've had but I'm so very proud of you and even though I don't really know you, I feel proud to sort-of know you and can't wait to read your book!

I just lost my Lil Mama on Dec 10 and have never felt so lost and I want you know that reading about your trials throughout this year has been a help to me. You in Oakland, me in Jonesboro, AR. What a crazy world.

Thank you, best wishes to you, congratulations on your 3rd wedding and I hope 2009 brings nothing but happiness, good health and prosperity to you and Lala.

Oh and I'm hoping to make it to Strawberry next year (my first time!) and hope to maybe see you there!?!

I haven't caught up with your blog in a long time (my laptop is completely dead and I have lost all my favorite blog sites) But I just read your year in review summary. I was so sad thinking about your mom's passing but being reminded of your wonderful tribute to her made me show the pix of your tattoo to my tatted daughters who both pronounced it amazing and wonderful. They send their love! I want to say congratulations on your book contract. That is so exciting! I will be at MS&W and will be very excited to get a signed copy by the author so please let us know how that will all work out. I hope and pray this year is a good one for you, and maybe full of more ups than downs.

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year! Yes, it will get easier. This was Xmas #3 without the parents. The last two were painful. This one felt more like old times, although we did acknowledge their absence. Over time, new traditions emerge, it becomes a new normal. You're good, kiddo. On to the New Year.

I adore you!!! What a year you've had.

psst: there's a typo in the title

happy new year girlfriend. nothing but good coming for you in 2009, i feel it.

Here's to 2009...onward!
I send you hugs, chica!

what a wonderful and horrible year for you all at once. I'm so excited to see you get three books published!

We keep giving Apples to Apples to all the families we know because ours loves it so much. Nice thing about having 8 sibs -- always somebody to play games with, And we have passed this down to our 22 children and 2.5 grands.

Great recap! I've been reading your blog (not commenting) for well over a year now, and you've been through such a tumultuous year - but you've handled everything that has been thrown your way with grace and charm. I always look forward to seeing your blog pop up in my reader - have a very happy new year.

I too love Apples to Apples--I believe that it is seriously underappreciated.

Here's to a 2009 filled with wonderful things.

What a lovely way to bring the year to a close. I'm sorry/very happy for you for all things in the past year, and wishing only the best for the coming year.

I adore you, too, Rachael :-)

2008 was a tough year for so many people I know, but there were lots of good times too....
Here's hoping 2009 is everything you want it to be, plus 10!

Wow - it has been a big year of ups and downs for you. I'm always so impressed by the love you express and receive in your writing. What a gift! Best wishes for a wonderful 2009 for you and Lala and the pets! (Lots of exclamations points from this end, too.)

I adore you, too!

I thought of you today at my grandfather's funeral; I wished I had your gift of words as I stuttered out some heartfelt yet inelegant poesy. Knowing that you have survived your loss and still love and bring joy to your days gives me hope that someday soon this grieving will give way to a place of peace.
Things are bleak in my world and may get bleaker yet, but I have to say that throughout the past couple of years reading your blog has been a bright point far more often than you can know. Thank you for sharing your life with us strangers in so intimate a way that it allows us to feel a piece of what you feel and to learn and grow from your experiences. I so much admire you. Thank you for your blog; without it my internet world would be sadly diminished.

Happy new year! Here's looking forward to the 2009 Whoreshoes/book-reading tour of the UK! (Particularly Brighton. We may even get Marrije back over for that... )

Helluva year.
2009... I'm there! Bring it on!

Amen to that! Happy New Year!

"Let's move on into 2009, shall we? I'm ready." Amen to that sister!
I knew you were in a hurry to get going when I read the title of the blog yesterday...:)
Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Unlike Queen Ducky, when I see your blog in the Bloglines list, I don't read it first - I like to save the "best" for last. Thanks for blogging and sharing with us - especially during the difficult times.

Here's to a 2009 that much less of the bad and much more of the good in it.

Why stop at three times? Why not renew your vows every year?

Happy New Year to you too!

As a writer, you'll be able to use the good, the bad and the ugly in your work so life will always be your inspiration. XOXOX

I wish you health, love and enthralling achievements along this new path. You are an inspiring friend. xoxo


Thanks so much for helping to put positive energy into my 2008. As I'll say to my family members who've suffered loss this year (including the hub and I) "happy new year, and may the next one be better than the last, while having a lot of the good things the last one did!"

Or maybe that's a bit long. Note to self: don't start writing greeting cards.

yep the turning of the page leads to another chapter but you will always carry the whole book with you darlink. That's the great thing, in the new chapter of this coming year and the years to come the 2008 chapter will be well thumbed and referred to but over time it'll become imbued with the gladness and joy that some of the deep sadness blotted out a little as you first 'read' it.
Thank goodness for new days, new years but also thank goodness for love laughter and friendship.
Wishing you and Lala that and much more in 2009

Great re-cap. I love that there is so much happy to go with the sad. That's how it helps us to move forward.

Happy New Year!

I read your post about the Kindle- I love mine, too! You noted that "Sure, you have to punch the button to turn the page, but you'd have to turn the page anyway, right?" I hope you've since learned the hidden page turn feature! You don't have to punch the button at all. Push ALT+0 (zero) to turn on the auto-page turn feature. Then push ALT+1 to turn it on, ALT+2 to turn it off. It turns the page every 10 seconds. I set mine at the largest font size and it's perfect. Kindle/Knit away!

It sure was a rollercoaster year for you. I wish you all the best with your new book and can't wait to get the German version. Have a happy and peaceful new year.

Great recap, and what an amazing year. I started knitting again over the holidays! Did some scarves. Got a book about knitting cool things for kids, and my son wants a caterpillar. Also, can't wait to buy your book!

Hullo - I found your blog by accident & I have to say it is the best reading. You are an inspiration! Many thanks for your continued smiling face & for sharing so much. I have linked to all your suggested knitting pattern sites. Am always looking for new knitting adventures.
By the by - where did you get the shoes that you are wearing in the Harper Collins pic?
Happy New Year to you & yours & thanks again - Suzanne

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