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And when I said editorDecember 4, 2008

And when I said editor
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I meant agent, of course. I had the most amazing and fun lunch with my agent, Susanna Einstein. (After my friends and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge, above.) Now I am going to meet my editor. Yowza!
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Yowza indeed!

And hooray for your blackberry so we can follow your adventure in real time! I love it!

GORGEOUS PIC!! YOU GOOOO GO GIRL!!! Enjoy this special time :) "lunch with the editor" no less!! LOVE IT

You look adorable! Are those handknits you're sporting?

hey, nice coat! you look purty! -C

Very nice picture and how exciting to follow your trail in New York, talented Rachael!

LOVE these mini-updates, and just can't stop being thrilled to bits for you!

omg i've been so busy I missed this whole trip news entirely! a bit late, but have a great time!!!

Great pic! You are SO hip and cosmopolitan. I'm so excited for you and loving these updates.

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