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Dear Digit, December 22, 2008

When I take you to bed with me, I expect certain things. I expect that you will cuddle. If you use your claws and growl because you get confused, that is okay. I'm used to that about you. You will eventually calm down and settle in, and then we will be happy and warm.

If, on a morning that I have to get up at 4am, you decide to howl at 3:15, I will be annoyed. I will, of course, leap out of bed to hustle you out to the front porch where I plan to give you breakfast to shut you the hell up.

If, however, you get lost under the bed and continue howling, I will howl back. Lala won't like it, but she won't really wake up, either, so that part's all right. But when it takes ten minutes for you to come out from under the bed (so unlike you! You are nothing if not decisive!), I get really ticked. That is not okay, buddy. That's even worse than jumping on the domino game last night.

So I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, because of you. It's hours later (and several weird work deaths and calamities later), and I am firmly still on the wrong side of the bed. I would like to get back IN to said bed and stay there for a few hours and attempt entry into the world again.

I'm not even tired. I'm just firmly entrenched in The Grump. Grrrrr. I think I will wait until YOU are happily asleep and then howl at YOU. See how you like it, big boy.

But I will still give you kisses when I get home because you are still adorable. Nothing changes that.

yours in love and grumbling,


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I have indeed rudely awakened a sleeping feline who, the night before, had rudely awakened me.

Love is love, but sleep is sleep.

Awww! Poor digit. I wonder if sometimes he doesn't have some PTSD and flash back to his Missing Months.

I too have the grumps today (but have to be nice) because of being rerouted. I've solved my grump with ordering pizza and drinking beer. I must recommend my solution to you asap.

been there, done that....oh yes, just last night. DD (dear dog) ate about 1 lb of rotten cheese from the trash and decided to puke all night, every hour, on the hour....

....he's fine now.

laughing...dear Digit in my house is 'dear Ceilidh'...11 years of the same ol' grumpy-ass dog. Gawd I love her, I don't know what I'll do the April (vet decided she was born in April) after she dies.

I may change a little of the wording and send this one to Lucky!

Can I write a "Dear Katja" letter like this to my German Shepherd? When she starts whining at 5:35 AM and I need to get up at 6.... "firmly entrenched in The Grump" indeed!

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

I think the grump must be going around (ho ho ho and all that). Twice today I've started talking with people at work about totally innocuous things and they've started crying. Based on the conversations, I'm not taking personally yet; it's just that most wonderful time of the year. Then I called the lunch date who was standing me up to ask if I'd mistaken our plans and it turned out she'd forgotten because she was on her way to the doctor's for a chest cold that isn't going away. I ended up running over to her office in another building with a book because she didn't have anything to take with her to read in the waiting room and it was stressing her out. I can relate to that. This is why Joni Mitchell's River is my favorite Christmas song ever.

I do hope your day gets better!

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