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New York! December 2, 2008

I leave for New York tomorrow!

    Me, last year, on the Brooklyn Bridge

Last year, when I went to Rhinebeck, I spent a few days in New York City. I remember that I kept thinking about my book. It had gone to the final round in that Borders/Gather contest, and one of the judges was a Simon & Schuster editor. During the time I was walking around the East Village, my book was being read. In New York City. My heartbeat never slowed.

Of course, it was a first draft (how presumptuous of me to enter a first draft! How cheeky! And how glad I am that I did!). It didn't win, but placed in the top five, and I got the MS back and went to work making it better.

Now, a year later, I'm leaving tomorrow for New York. I will be lunching with my agent. I will be meeting my editor for coffee. I will be talking about my book. My books. My book DEAL. Oh, lordy.


I have no idea whether holding a completed copy of my book will feel better than this. I can't imagine that it will.

*For my New York gang, sadly, my time is FULL. I'm with two friends that have never been to NY before, and we're only in town for two days. Every single minute is full of Stuff to Do and See. And eat. Really, I'm going to New York to talk books and EAT: Katz's pastrami, Veselka's pierogies, Yonah Schimmel's knishes, Magnolia's cupcakes (any others that we just CAN'T miss?).

But I'm sure I'll be back soon and we can have a major blow-out knit-out then. (A reader pointed out a while back that New Yorkers don't routinely take over cafes and bars as much as they do on the west coast. Knit-outs in knitting shops are not half as common out here as it is to see a whole coffee-shop taken over by a knit-group. So start thinking now about a bar with good lighting (?) that we can take over next time I'm in town.....)



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Wow. Just wow. I'm so excited for you!

Veniero's cannolis. On 1st and 11th (I think). 342 East 11th. Open late. SO. GOOD.

Have a blast!

editors and agents, oh my :-) have a great time, rachael.

hay dude, just wanted to say how great you are and i love your blog.

and that love blanket. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! are you on ravelry?

Congratulations again. Have a great trip!


Live the dream, Rachael! Wonderful!

so exciting! you're going to have so.much.fun.

Have a FABULOUS time!!

Woohoo! Hope the trip is perfectly magical.



You writer, you

So cool for you! Have fun!!!

This place is fun, has yarn AND snacks, and big windows. http://www.thepointnyc.com/
Mazel tov and bon voyage.

Russ & Daughters is pretty much right next to Yonah Schimmels. I split a pastrami sandwich at Katz's then walked down to R&D and Yonah Schimmels. I got some gaspe salmon there that was really yummy. At Yonah Schimmels I had a mushroom knish and a cheese and cherry knish, washed down with a chocolate egg cream. So much fun.

oh how wonderful! enjoy yourself; you've worked very hard for this :)

Have a great trip!

Have you ever heard the story behind the full name of Katz's Deli. The neon sign reads Katz's, That's All. Apparently the sign maker asked Mr. Katz what he wanted on the sign. Mr. Katz responded in a Yiddishe accent, "Katz's, that's all".

Have a great time.


Have a great time in "my" city. Al though disappointed that we don't get to do the knitout this time, very happy for you.

Have a great time in "my" city. Al though disappointed that we don't get to do the knitout this time, very happy for you.

OH MY GOD. I totally wish I could see you this time, but I'm so looking forward to seeing you next time! I think you coming to The City for a visit is a good reason for me and the baby to go down for a visit. :)

Oh, enjoy New York, Rachael! I'll be taking a trip (not that far from where I live, upstate) to NYC in January, and Veselka is on my list, too. They have gooood breakfast. Also, if you have time, get one of the cookies at the City Bakery. They are enormous and kind of greasy/buttery, but my are they tasty.

dont forget Patsy's Pizza Brooklyn Heights, H & H Bagel, Zabars, have a great time!!!!

I thought that picture looked familiar!

Hey--wave, though, would ya? It's only polite ...

When you hold your book in your hands for the first time...
When you see it on the shelf in a bookstore...
When you see someone reading it in public...
When you realize there's a copy in your local library...
Remember that you said you couldn't imagine it feeling better than this - and laugh.

Pizza: Grimaldi's, under the brooklyn bridge, or Otto, at 5th Ave. and 8th St. Both have veeery different but delicious types of Pizza.

Yarn: The Yarn Tree on Bedford and South 4th in Williamsburg. Hours are:

Monday through Thursday: 4:00pm-9pm
Saturday & Sunday: Noon-7pm
Closed Fridays

Ultra-excited for you, of course! Have a great trip and enjoy every second of it. One of these days we'll both be on the same side of the country and have enough time to actually get together again.
Safe journey!

Have an awesome time! Congrats!!!

thought you might find this interesting--a review of Milk by Andrew Sullivan:


I highly recommend trying Second Avenue Deli over Katz's for pastrami. Or, if you must go to Katz's, go to both.

Ace Bar down in Alphabet City has a bunch of surprisingly large circular booths. And the Sun-burnt Cow has a *lovely* back patio with lots of room. Plus it's about 300 feet away from the best. food. ever. at Esperanto on (I think) 10th and C. It's the only restaurant I've ever returned to over a year later and had *underestimated* how fabulous the food was. Enjoy your trip! Safe Journey!

I've always preferred Sugar Sweet Sunshine for cupcakes. Because they have flavors, at magnolia you'll only get chocolate or vanilla, but at Sugar Sweet Sunshine you can get red velvet or lemon or some other yummy flavor. And doughnuts at doughnut plant! They also have really yummy flavors. And shake shack if it's still open and the weather isn't horrid. Oh, how I miss my city.

Katz's!!!!! Oh, I am going to have to hate you just a little bit.

Definitely Veniero's cannolis. Heaven! 11th St and 1st or 2nd.

Have fun! I'm sure your trip will be a real treat.

Congratulations, baby! When you come home and have a knit-out (or merely a take-over), I'll bring baklava. According to the California State Fair, it's the best in the West (yeah, I won all the ribbons for all the categories - except Best of Show, which some lousy chocolate pie won). Anyway, I had to brag just a bit. I'm so excited for you - East to me means anything past Reno!

Enjoy yourself, eat yourself silly, and good luck with all the talks. I can't believe someone who lives so close to me has a BOOK DEAL. Wow. I'm duly impressed. :)

Here's a cluster in Soho. On the same street as Purl and its sister shop, Purl Patchwork, is the wonderful shop called, Once Upon a Tart. Lovely. Kind of around the corner is the fun, affordable accessory store, Lila Rowe. The Point NYC isn't far away either on Bedford in Greenwich Village, where one Magnolia shop is located. Have tons of fun!

Congratulations! Can't wait to see your book when it's out! =)

I am *so* excited for you! I know your scheule is packed but I hope you slow down just enough to really enjoy every single second of your trip!

Oh a sidenote, I've tagged/nominated you for a game/award on my blog... play along if it's your thing! yinzin.blogspot.com!

congratulations!! it is going to be so amazing... a dream come true indeed!
enjoy your time here... i would love to knit with you next time you are in town! and i do have a food recommendation if you are downtown- batch- my new favorite bakery with the most interesting, delectable flavors (and incredible cupcakes!) i also second the person who recommended sugar sweet sunshine. because really, what's three or four cupcake stops in 2 days? quite necessary :)

For my money, far better than Magnolia (of Buttercup, or even Crumbs) is Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I've done taste-tests with out-of-towners wherein we eat cupcakes from all four and they always prefer SSS (as do I).

Pizza from Adrienne's always wows my friends. It's not uniquely New York style, but holy balls is it delicious (go for the rustic square pizza, not the smaller roundy ones).

You're already there, but in case you have a craving and aren't near Magnolia's... try Billy's Bakery in Chelsea (on 9th and 19thish?) WAY better than Magnolias. Share slices of cake instead of cupcakes. It's worth it! (a slice is 1/8 cake)

Yonah Schimmel's and Katz's !! OMG! if you are down in that area you also have to go to the pickle guy next door to YM's - I think it's Russ's?

and of course, my favorite shopping place is Fishes Eddies but that is just because I'm a nut - oh and don't forget Grey's Pappayas!! ENJOY!!! you GO GIRL!

I misread the last part as "...start thinking now about a bar with good fighting," and thought, "Well, she knows what she wants, I guess!" lol

And Woop! Woop! Congratulations!

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