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Oh, yesDecember 11, 2008

Oh, yes
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I love Friday Night Lights.
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How in the hell did you get my cold?!

I know! At first, didn't you think, "Well, this is just silly"? Then by the third or fourth episode you are totally rooting for the Panthers with tears in your eyes and in love with QB1 Saracen. Oh sorry, maybe that's just me.

Hope you are feeling better. That thing you are knitting looks yummy. On my birthday (11/14) I decided that I wanted 12 pairs of socks for Christmas. I was feeling deprived and wanted something over the top but affordable. I am getting there but I am craving needles thicker than spaghettinni.

Your knitting needles look kind of like a lightsaber in that picture. That's cool.

Best get well wishes to you (& stay well wishes to Lala). Last Sunday a man came and sat down by Don, then announced he had a sore throat and talked at him for over half an hour; now Don has a sore throat and runny nosy...he is (we are) empathizing with you.
Lotsa love

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