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Perfect Chemistry RapDecember 18, 2008

I've never seen a book trailer that made me want to buy the book. I'm kind of stymied by them, actually. An ad? A little movie, for a book? What's the point?

That was, until this one. From galleycat:

Shortly after Simone Elkeles sold her latest YA novel, Perfect Chemistry, she began thinking of unique ways that she could promote the story of a romance between a rich white girl and a Latino gang member in a Chicago high school to readers. "Book trailers are great, but in order for mine to stand out it needed a 'wow' factor," she told us, "or at least a 'that's totally off-the-wall and goofy' factor." Elkeles was a big fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a teenager, and loved the way the show's theme song told the character's story. So she began writing a condensed version of her novel as a rap song.

A young adult novel, as a rap video. I thought that it would be so horrible it would be worth watching. It WAS worth watching, but it's not horrible. In fact, it's so damn cute that you need to see it, too, and I absolutely know I'll buy the book, if only to honor the spirit that went into making the trailer. I'd embed it here, but you should probably go watch it in high quality, so go HERE. And enjoy.

(And Lala? Get to thinking about my cowboy rap, kthx.)


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Es un libro, yo. That cracked me up (and now it will be stuck in my head all day, thanks). I'm looking forward to hearing the rap song about the musician and the knitter.

Oh my gosh, that was just adorable :)

The churro kills me. Kills me dead.

LOVED it!! :)

Oh, I agree! And I requested the book from my library. Sounds fun!

My kid went the other direction. A friend gave her a cd of a score, and she wrote her first novel around it(age 16). Almost 19 now, and a freshman in college. She wants to become a High School English teacher, and plans to have her students write to music.

Love the pics of Dig and La!!

Yeah, I'm not sure about the churro either. But the whole thing was awesome. "I always look good, even when I'm on the potty!"

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