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RadnomDecember 17, 2008

That should so be a word.

  • It is official, sugar gives me headaches. I had a chocolatini last night, and it was more sugar than I've had in forever. This morning I have that slight, nagging headache (it is not a hangover, that's a different headache, trust me).  But GOD, was that drink the best.
  • Giving up sugar hasn't been hard (strangely) and I've dropped fourteen pounds with almost no exercise. (It's not that I don't want to run -- I just haven't been able to find the time around writing, working, traveling, and being sick. Today, a run! (Or not. You know.)
  • I am so not in the mood to edit. Let's blame it on the sugar last night (but oh, was it gooooood). I'm actually making quiche right now for the first time, in avoidance. Maybe after the quiche is done I need to go out into the world to write. It ain't happenin' at home. (Quiche is asparagus and feta. I hope I haven't screwed it up. Cooking now.)
  • Harriet is now officially so old and senile that she really doesn't know where or where not to pee, so now the dogs are sleeping in the living room (no carpet). It worked okay last night, but we felt guilty. Anyone have a favorite brand of doggie diapers? (Seriously, any ideas are greatly appreciated.)
  • I do, in fact, think I'll catch the ferry to SF and write there this afternoon. Maybe get some clam chowder. Or oysters!
  • My current favorite square (it changes hourly, honestly) on my blanket is this one:


       I can't remember whose this is, and I'm comforted by the fact that I could pull out the map and find out, and I might, but for right now I'm just loving touching it. It's so SOFT.
  • Five minutes to quiche. Then I'll eat a piece. Then I have to spend an hour editing. Okay? Okay. 
  • La just found a dead dog and had to come home to wash the blood off her hands from moving it out of the road. Poor La.
  • THIS QUICHE IS SO DAMN GOOD! Feta + heavy cream = divine. I don't want to ever eat anything else. (I used the Cooks Illustrated quiche lorraine recipe but subbed asparagus and feta. That's the smartest thing I've done in a long time. Store-bought crust, natch.)


  • I need another piece.


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I gave up sugar awhile ago too (admittedly to gestational diabetes), and I can't believe how much better I feel! Keep it up! It's totally worth it!

That quiche does look good!

and La needs a doggie rescue kit for xmas...srsly, latex gloves at least, appropriate phone numbers to call, doggie dish and water, hand cleaner, duct tape, always duct tape...

we tried some doggy diapers for my dog and they just didn't work. she'd just walk around all funny with her back end hunched down and they would eventually fall off. we just wash her bedding frequently and wipe up after her. fortunately our house is all wood floors. get lots of murphy's oil soap floor cleaner!

Oh Harriet, my Ernie has also hit official old, grumpy, peeing dog status and must be crated a good portion of the day and night. Hurts my heart, but he doesnt even seem to notice. I tried the belly band thing and the other dogs helped him out of it every time, sooooooooo. I have no carpet anywhere and a mop and bucket always on the standby......

Gotta love the old people! Poor Harriet. Here's what worked with my old girl. Seriously, I'm not pulling your leg. Get some young girl underpants, cut a hole for the tail and use either overnight long sanitary pads or the kind for human incontinance. In a pinch you can use your old underwear and cut a hole (that's what I did)then I tightened the leg area up for a custom fit by grabbing the excess at the side and holding it with one of those office type black binder clips so that was on top by her spine and she couldn't reach it.

Hope that helps. I'll send you a picture of it if you'd like. You know I'm harmless, right? :)

I should give up sugar, but I never will. I want that quiche recipe, though. I rarely make quiches, only frittatas (without crust) because I hate making crust and I feel lazy buying one.

Good luck with Harriet. I haven't had a pet age and die on me yet, but I've had people do it (that's kind of my job) so I know it can be hard. Honestly, I think any doggie diaper will work, or a baby diaper with a hole cut in it. You could also cut just a slit in the back for the tail and then tape it closed on her back.

With elderly humans, sudden incontinence can be related to a bladder infection, so that may be something to check out. Also, my friend's dog's bladder issues improved with just one pill from the vet, but I don't know what the pill was...

Sorry to hear about Harriet! I visited my / my family's old dog Nicki over Thanksgiving and found out that she's mostly blind, mostly deaf, and mostly without control of her hindquarters. :( No peeing issues as yet for her, but she's had them in the past. Think it was actually an infection. Sending good vibes your and Harriet's way!

And seriously drooling over your quiche. If I hadn't eaten the last of the feta today and the last of the eggs yesterday, I might be off to the kitchen right now!

So sorry to hear about Harriet! It's so hard to watch our four-leggeds get old, isn't it? :-( My 9-year-old German Shepherd, Pagan, just got diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, so we're facing future rear limb paralysis and eventual incontinence. I'd go with the human diapers; doggie diapers are overpriced and don't really work all that well.

That quiche looks divine, and that's coming from someone who normally doesn't like quiche!!

bless Harriett's little heart! have you tried the wewe pads? Nature's Miracle makes them and you can get them at Petsmart or Petco - it may not completely help but Harriet may be drawn to the smell and at least pee on the pads instead of the floor.

The quiche looks YUMMY!

I am still bummed I did not have the opportunity to knit a square for your blanket (I was one of the ones who did not know about the project) but am so happy that it was made for you, it's just gorgeous and such an incredible gift of love!

Oh, poor Harriet. I've more than a little experience with older dogs and incontinence. Nothing works all that great. The doggie diapers don't quite work for females because when they squat they don't cover the bits. The most success I've had is with a cheap maxie pad (don't bother with the little thin pads that come with the diapers) and I let them stick out the tail hole about an two inches (my dogs are big though so you probably don't have to have it stick out as much) and that catches the urine.

Otherwise, if you have carpet, just stock up on the Nature's Miracle and a couple of packs of white work towels from Costco. Oh, and get the ShamWows. Seriously, they soak up all the urine so that the Nature's Miracle can take care of the rest successfully. Then follow up with the white towels with the Nature's Miracle bottle on top. When those towels come up without yellow you know it is clean.

You can also get inexpensive pieces of fleece from discount fabric stores for all the dog beds and then you can just toss them in the wash daily. Get a few pieces and then you are just swapping them out several times a day.

My poor old Argus not only dribbled and didn't realize it but his back end was a little paralyzed so he would poop and not realize it. I would still give anything to have him back.

I didn't specify that we used the little denim doggie diaper pants (we call them party pants around here). That is what you can put the maxie pad in. And they wash up nicely. Remember to get a couple though for when one is in the washer.

Went through that with my old lady IG, Sofia (pre blog). Doggie diapers aren't absorbent enough. I used human baby diapers for her, and cut a tail hole. Then, to keep the diaper in place, I dressed her in baby onesies with tail holes cut out. Ridiculous, I know, but it made it possible to live with her for a full extra year when she wasn't in pain but the puddles of pee EVERYWHERE just got to be too much. Just be sure to change the diaper often, because there's nothing sadder than a dog with a diaper rash. I'm sure they make toddler bodysuits that would fit Harriet.

I'm so sorry about poor Harriet.

I'm also sorry I'm not close enough to your house to sneak over and eat some quiche, even though I don't really like asparagus. That looks nom.

Heavy cream and anything is the best!

Caught up on a few posts this morning...who could possibly not like you? I wish you would leave the snarky posts in so we could all out-snark them. Also, I am still pissed that I wasn't invited to contribute to your blanket. I guess it's all about who you know (or don't know). Also, I had a hug dream last night, at Wrigley Field, and it was from YOU (yes, even though we've never met, we had a quick hug and then you turned into my old friend Sue who had brought a rocking chair with her to the ball game, and, well, you know, it was a dream). Also I will be so buying your book, but I doubt you'll make it to AZ on your world tour, but if you do I expect to collect a hug in person.

OK Honey, no to store bought crust for quiche. Homemade quiche, complete with heavy cream deserves better. Including crust with fresh herbs. The keys to good crust are, proportions, ice water, Crisco (yes, brand specific, one of the few things where brand truly matters) and do not over work it. In other words, quick and dirty for mixing it together. For quiche, my preferred proportions are 1/3 cup shortening per cup of flour.


Hey! That's my square! It's pleasing me that you like the softness because I made it out of cashmere because you wrote that you wanted to knit cables and cashmere for comfort. Thanks for sayin'...

Also, I'm really sorry about Harriet. I don't have any advice except I'm glad that you and La are both okay with it. I mean not okay like you are glad about it but okay like not fighting about it. BTDT

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