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Really? December 18, 2008

If you leave an anonymous comment that's snarky, I'll delete it (especially if it's spelled poorly -- then I'll giggle a little while hitting delete). (Also, it's not really anonymous. There's no way you can stop Typepad from capturing your IP address. Then I find out who you are. Silly you.)

Seriously, why do people read the blogs of people they don't like? There are only two people (maybe three) that I don't like in all of blog-land, and I would never visit their sites. I wouldn't ever even give them a drive-by click -- they don't deserve that hit. Not that any of us check our stats anymore - I haven't checked mine in years (maybe I should start? But I get more than a million hits a year. Don't really have the time, which is a good problem to have -- I ain't complainin'). But if they DID check their stats, I wouldn't want them seeing that I had visited their site. A visit to a site is like a vote. The more the better, no matter why they're coming. I don't spend my clicks like that, you know?

But I can't figure out why people who don't like me would read my site.... Who has the TIME? Who is that bored with her life? Who wants to be upset like that? Am I really that fascinating? Is it the cute animal pictures? Do they have a major crush on Lala and they're jealous of me? Seriously. Must be that last one. Oh, yay, I've figured it out! (And yes, she's crush-worthy, isn't she?)

Now back to the really serious stuff in life -- what to wear out to the City tonight. I'm thinking my new fascinator-hat, mmmm?


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Humans are profoundly irrational creatures, and I've learned that some are just hellbent on being miserable. And, apparently, taking everyone else along for the ride. Granted, it's annoying, but more than that it's sad and pathetic.

The fascinator! Yes!

even if it doesn't really keep your ears warm.

Delete buttons are very useful.

I think they have a major crush on YOU and are pissed that you are committed (3x over) to Lala! :)

Really. Who does have the time for that? There aren't many people in this world I don't like. But I refuse to waste my energy on them - not even enough to say I hate them. Hate is to much work and they're not worth it.

Uhm, I have the chemistry rap going through my head and everything I write sounds like with a beat now.
Oo-oo-ooh the fas-cinat-tor... es un sombrero yo; it's a hat.

YES to the fascinator hat!! And NO time to bother with unlikeable people either. BAD karma!

lala is certainly crushworthy.

this is one of those things that i will never understand about people. i've gone through periods where i irrationally read blogs i found annoying, but i figured out how silly that was and i certainly never commented negatively on one. it's clearly a thing that people do since it happens so frequently, but it's something irrational and pointless that people do.

Maybe they are crushing on your sweet relationship...

yeah, it's definitely jealousy. I have to tell you 2 things: I had my tonsillectomy, and it went well. It still hurts when I swallow, but I'm muddling through. I wished I had a few more animals to get on the bed with me (I just have one little dog), so I guess I'm jealous, too. Also, I'm a hot water bottle cozy making machine this yuletide season, so thank you very much!

Well, I have a major crush on Miss Idaho and read the blog only to catch a glimpse of her tiny cuteness :) More Miss Idaho! Cmon, maybe with a santa hat on?

Hmm. It is a strange and confusing thing, isn't it? Personally I vote for jealous, whether of you, of Lala, of the pets, of the knitting/writing/loving skills you have...it could be any or all of those things. Poor person. I'll sacrifice a moment of my time to feel sorry for them and their petty commenting ways.

Cat toy hat and something warm. You're going to look amazing.

My guess is that haters have lots of time on their hands because of their very nature. Plus who would they have to xmas shop for?

You are both very crush-worthy!

People are sometimes weird, irrational, and contrary. Maybe they were the outsider in high school and are enraged by how sweet AND cool you are. Jealous and small mindedness. Pffft!

I have a crush on both of you.

...crushing on Clara...

So jealous I'm getting a St. Bernard as a Christmas present for my son. $6K+ trained as an Autism service dog.

Her name is Penny. :-)

Ah, you rock! xx

I had a note stuck to my windshield by a guy (gal?) who obviously had issues with my parking skills. It read: Don't you **no** how to park?

HAHAHAHA! At least I can spell!

Still love this blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Though both you and Lala are crush-worthy, my heart belongs to Digit. (But, doesn't everyone's?)

Ya know, I don't understand that either. The only thing I can figure is that they are so miserable they have to let out that sadness somewhere and they turn it into inexcusable meanness. Whatever. They probably also have a huge crush on La.

I am now obsessed with what the snarky comment was, and want to see what anyone could possibly say to you two that wouldn't be anything but adoring! I made a joke comment once about your perfect knitting, and how much of it you produce...but now I'm worried you thought it was serious... I'm nothing but a meek admirer who is simultaneously wildly jealous of both your writing and productivity!

i know i'm here for the Lala crush. can't speak for the rest. ha ha! :)

it's like celebrity rubbernecking isn't it. they don't like you, but they need to read you so they can find more things they don't like about you so they have reasons to complain about you. that's how i interpret it. :)

---Am I really that fascinating?

Yes. Yes, you are. :)

Grinches are everywhere! I like your attitude!

CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you.

Love the pictures of Lala and Digit. LOVE Lala's green sweater. It's such a gorgeous stitch and the color is to die for.

While I don't understand what would prompt anyone to leave a nasty message on such a lovely blog, I do, in a way, feel a small bit of pity for those people. How small and empty their own lives must be if it is worth their time to spew their vitriol on someone as delightful as you.
I'm glad that you are continuing to allow comments; other bloggers apparently had such a problem with this that they shut down comments completely. The old adage of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" seems, sadly, to no longer be adhered to. How I mourn the loss of common courtesy in our society.

Seriously? I can't see how someone wouldn't like you. Sheesh, some people. I've never met you and I want to come LIVE with you! haha

Happy holidays to you and Lala and the menagerie! :-)

Actually I have a major crush on *you* and I'm sucking up to Lala to get near you.

Um, or maybe I have a crush on Digit.

Something, anyhow. Ulterior, that's me.

As for the snarky commenters, I don't get a lot, but I delete most things that'll make someone start a dogpile. I have a blog, not a democracy ... I wouldn't let people fight in my house, they ain't going to fight on my blog either. Delete away, sister.

Some people like to stir the pot. and they think bybeing snarky, you will pay attention to them. or something. Theya re just idjits.

Weird. I can't even imagine: a) what they have against you; and b) why it's worth their time. Sheesh.

Also, Lala is the cat whisperer. Wow. I bet she could hold our chickens and they would quietly bawk themselves to sleep :).

Also, the contract thing is awesome! I am so excited for you!

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