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SickDecember 11, 2008

Originally uploaded by Yarnagogo Rachael

Quite cheered by this photo, though. Heh.
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Well, even though you don't know me, you are in good company because I am sitting here with what sounds like the same diddly doo cold. Sick enough to not be able to do much, but not sick enough to be totally knocked out --a sniffly, snuffly, sneezy, wheezy purgatory of a cold.

get well soon!

oh poor sickie! but cute! :)


Dear heavens could you BE ANY CUTER?!?!?!?

I hate it when plane travel kicks my arse. Feel better!

I feel your pain. I'm sick too, but still going to work, since it's highly likely that the baby made me sick in the first place. Hopefully I won't reinfect her.

I would love to have an enforced pajama day today, though I anticipate that's what the weekend will be. Ugh.

Good lord thats a miserable face! If it is any indication of how the rest of you feels I am very sorry and hope that it gets better soon.

The cold that swept the nation! I am hoping I'm over it too...your happy photos of NYC helped kick the cold, you made it look so fun!

you poor little schnookie!!! I hope you feel better soon !!

OMG. That is the saddest little photo I may have ever seen!

you know rachael, ive been mostly a lurker but what draws me week after week to your blog are all the smiling happy photos of you!

i swear i think this is the FIRST ive seen of you not smiling!

i like it for the sheer novelty factor. you look all of 9 years old. so so miserable. like a wet dog.

keep on smiling tho!

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