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Ways In Which I am Not Sure About This Work WeekDecember 14, 2008

My work week started out so strangely that I'm not quite sure what to think about it. Fortunately, it's one of my three-day work weeks, or I'd be really worried.

1. I woke up at 4am, on my Monday (which is your Sunday), bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, not only mostly over my cold, but also ready to dive back into edits. There was no reason for this, other than the fact that I spent a majority of my weekend resting in bed (hmmmm..... I suppose that might be considered a reason.)

2. Also related to bushy tails: I HIT A RACCOON on the way to work this morning. Oh, it was awful. I was going 65, and it was dark, and the raccoon streaked out of the darkness and under my tires. I had no time to brake, no time to swerve (both of those things were good for me, bad for the raccoon). I did, strangely, have enough to let loose a guttural, primal scream that scared me almost as badly as killing the poor thing. I killed him HARD. At least I can comfort myself with the fact that he died completely instantaneously, no doubt about it. My hands shook for a while after that and I slowed to 45mph (no traffic on a Sunday morning in the Bay Area that damn early) to make sure my transmission wasn't going to fall out and that a tire wasn't going to blow. I DARED any CHP officer to pull me over for driving too slowly -- he would have had to hear all about it. Tires and car seem to be fine. Poor raccoon. I hope he has a really nice rebirth as a dog. Although preferably not reborn to my household. We have enough animals.

3. After that, coming down the grade into Pleasanton, I saw the biggest, brightest shooting star I've seen in ages. Maybe years. I thought it was a rocket at first, heading for the earth, but it blazed out. Some bit of space debris, I'm sure, but rather stunning. It cheered me up no end after the raccoon debacle.

4. My nose is about to fall off my face. The cold has abated, but it has left me with the reddest, most chapped nose and lips. People look at me and say, "Oh, poor thing," unprompted.

I remain cheerful. This will be a good week. I would like to finish more pages, generate less roadkill, see more falling space debris, and use more moisturizer (god bless lanolin).


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Eww....you're right...that's a bunch of weird....but the beautiful shooting star is worth remembering! Even if it WAS space trash, seeing it helped uplift you..and that's all that matters.

As far as the red nose? 'Tis the season Rachael :)

We have matching noses. Always charming as a nurse to have a rudolph nose.

I hope your day gets better and better.

I saw shooting stars this morning too! Although given our different coasts and the time difference, it's highly unlikely we saw the same shooting stars. (As in, the star would have needed to be shooting for 8 hours for it to be the same one...) Hooray for shooting stars!

Glad you are feeling better!!!

perhaps the shooting star was the sign from the raccoon? OK hokey I know, but perhaps.

Sorry about your roadkill incident, but I am glad you are bushy tailed.

I'm there with you on the red nose, unfortunately...but at least the chickens aren't laughing at me.

I saw a really bright shooting star last night, too! Aliens must have landed while we weren't looking.

All lofty goals, surely!

Sorry about the roadkill and glad the Universe saw fit to balance out your day a bit.

Maybe that shooting star was a UFO! I guess I watch too much Paranormal State...

Glad you're feeling better and for explaining to the world that the actual day of the week doesn't correspond to a person's day o'the week. (It's my weekend).

I am horribly, awfully, and highly allergic to lanolin.

He committed suicide....raccoons are notorious for it....really, he did!

That's a whole lot to deal with for a first-day-back-to-work. I hope the rest of the week is more shooting stars and fewer tragedies on the road. :)

I've had roadkill incidents (yes, plural) and it's not a good feeling. I'm sorry about your racoon encounter.

And the shooting star was probably an early scout from Monday/Tuesday's Geminid shower! Glad you got a glimpse! Hope you made a wish?

You saw a Geminid! How lucky! I never see them because it's too cold to go looking, although I usually spot some Perseids in August. Did you make a wish?

Best thing in the world for chapped noses and lips: Beaudreaux's Butt Paste, sold next to the diaper creams. Put it on at night, and you will have a new, not raw, face in the morning!

You will come to hate raccoons as a chicken owner. Raccoons want to eat your chickens, they will keep trying until they succeed. How do I know? Early the other morning our girls were raising a ruckus, we went out and there were four raccoons in the coop and they had killed one of our girls. We spent the day securing the coop (4+ years of no coop invasions upto this point) and haven't lost any more girls (knock on wood) since. I don't hate the raccoons for doing what comes naturally, I hate them for eating my poor chicken girls.

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