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WowDecember 5, 2008

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These people were all carrying two or three large Tiffany bags each.
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This proves that the recession is just an ugly rumour. Do not be fooled!

Don't ask my why I watched it, but I did... Rush on B. Walters last night... perhaps those people are doing as he does... choosing "not to participate."

...in the recession.

I'm sure you've figured it out on your own already. ~

Um, yep..I don't think I'll be shopping there this Christmas! (but they do have some nice gift choices that don't break the bank--with the added bonus of being in those scrumptious blue boxes)

Not to mention that they all seem to dressed very much alike. Scary.

Recession? What recession?

Attack of the Tiffany clones! Are all the women in NYC dressed alike?

I bet they're corporate gifts.

Dang, it's hard to imagine having enuff money to emerge from Tiffanies with such big ole bags. Those women are, what people along the Main Line in PA, call "Main Line fancy ladies." Except those ones aren't on the Main Line. Those ones are "NYC Fancy Ladies."

yep, I bet they're all PAs and interns, picking up the corporate paperweights for clients.

ah, corporate swag! that there is a gang of what we used to refer to as "HR Girls." unmistakable.

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