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Cancelling Knit-InJanuary 14, 2009

All right, darlings. January 23rd for the knit-in is right out, isn't it? No one can make it -- there's a spinning group meeting, and the Knitters (!) are playing at Slims. Let's put it off until March, shall we? I know, it feels like a long time, but it will be here in a minute, and the BEST part is that Joy will be in town. We shall have a knit-party for her! I'll let you know what day's best for her.

So for now, no knit-in this month. More details to follow.

Today I've got to go fight with Home Depot, and I'm not looking forward to it. Our hot-water heater is leaking from the top where connections have become corroded. It's under warranty, but the warranty was bought in the name of the people in the house before us. The warranty people assure me that I now own the warranty, since GE backs up this particular water heater for ten years, regardless of who bought it. Home Depot does NOT understand this, and the GE warranty people say this is common. They say I have to go there and make the manager call their service line while I wait.

This is confrontation, and I don't like confrontation. It doesn't make me ill or anything, but I'd prefer to avoid it, which is why the poor water heater has been leaking for so long. However, at work the other day we had a structure fire that was caused by the water heater EXPLODING, so I figure I shouldn't put it off any more than I already have. Wish me luck in being pushy.

But then I get to go to Costco and pick up my new specs! Can't wait to show you pictures of Bookish Rachael!

In the meantime:


I don't usually let any of the animals touch my love-blanket (they have enough soft things of their own), but I couldn't move those snoozing boys.


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Give 'em hell girl!

When you feel worried about confrontation, just remember what a fabulous job you did as your HOA representive who dealt with your a-hole neighbor. You were fantastic at that, and I hope Home Depot knows better than to mess with a knitter who has a following. Good luck!

ooooooooooooohhhhh.....lovely lovely boys!

ooooooooooooohhhhh.....lovely lovely boys!

ooooooooooooohhhhh.....lovely lovely boys!

Awwww. I was looking forward to FINALLY seeing you. Will I have to wait until March??? Really???

Love those kittehs. Soooo cute.

You can totally be pushy by acting very sweet and extra polite and charming. Every time they say no, really big and disagree in the most charming way you can. If that doesn't work, cry.

I've had to live among southern women for nearly 40 years to learn just how affective this is...

Boo for a fun time canceled!

Yay because now I don't have to choose between your knit in and spinning! Come spin with us. A little birdie told me Brooke and her baby may make an appearance.

Wow a Knitters concert would be really fabulous! I have a very long-standing fondness for both Exene C. and Dave Alvin, and I believe the band is excellent live.
And I think you really don't want the hot water heater to explode ...

Awww, what an adorable photo!

In a situation like that, I would use the weasel trick of "3rd party blame" and say something like:

"I need to speak to the manager of the store, because GE says the manager needs to call their support line in order to verify my warranty. Isn't it crazy and stupid? I agree! Damn that GE and their wacky corporate rules! Anyway, is the manager here?"

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