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Full DisclosureJanuary 17, 2009

Oh, y'all are so sweet. Thank you for the compliments. I love my glasses, too. And the bangs aren't bad.

But that sweater? I guess I thought you all would just believe me when I said it hung funny. Sure, from the front it's kind of okay. I like it from the front. And as Lala said, "When you're sitting, it looks fine, too."

But this is what it looks like from the back:

Photo 316

Oh, god. You see? How it drapes like a ball? It's decidedly weird and Not Good, and Feral Janine agrees with me, and I defer to her wisdom in all things knitted (and most other things, come to think of it).

I only post this because some people (I'm looking at you, Sil) said they were going to cast on for it. Think twice. Or add some shaping. A LOT of shaping.

Now, me? I've had the most lovely lie-in-bed morning, and I did not work. I will write some later -- working on some edits for the first half of second book before I plunge into writing the rest of it -- but I am not writing this morning. We're getting ready to eat eggs and sausage, and then we will be headed out to try rock-climbing at a local gym!

Rock-climbing is one of those things I've always thought would be fantastically fun. I am a realist, though, and know that I might get up on the rock and look down and think firmly, "Hell, no, never again." But I want to give it a shot.

I hope you try something new and fun this weekend! Let me know in comments what you're up to. xo


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Could you add in a bit of shaping with a sewing machine and trim away the excess? Not ideal I realize, but maybe you could end up with a sweater that pleases you a bit more than currently. I bet it would look cute with a belt, too!

I am gettng the house ready for the Boyo's visit in February. Since the last time he was here, we've moved Mr. Celia's office up to the Boyo's old room. Now we have to make him a little private nest in Mr. Celia's old office (aka the basement).

I love that sweater - front AND back. It's unusual and so comfy looking. I also love your glasses and your new (or lack of) bangs. This weekend I am sick (again) - I have a Claritin headache (I knew there was a reason that stuff was still on my shelf - I need to write myself notes more often). So back to bed. What a waste of time.

On the positive (?) side, if your lower back sprouts a sudden hump (baby-bump-style, only on your back) or if the junk in your trunk moves north about 10 inches, you'll be all set. Or if you should get preggers, you could wear it backward as a lounging/bed jacket. Seriously, though, the front is lovely. Thanks for being more helpful than some knitting pubs and showing us the back view.

I participated in an online auction (new option for me), 'cause I didn't feel like driving to Roswell (yes that Roswell) to sit in a cold warehouse to participate in person.
Not as fun as indoor climbing I expect :)

dude. i pulled a deltoid fake rock climbing. (on a rock climbing wall.) i just want you to know.

Climbing in rock gyms is super fun. The climbing itself is pretty cool and you (should) feel quite safe, but then you get to REPEL down and that is the most fun ever.

New as in never done it before? Shipped off the US citizenship application to the lawyer. It'll be on her desk on Tuesday. Not fun, but a relief to get the process started.

You have to tandem skydive one day (strapped to someone who knows what they're doing). It's fabulous!

Getting on that Maui bound plane in less than 12 hours. YEAH!

I bought new towels and am putting a second coat of orange paint on the kitchen in our new place tomorrow so we can move our furniture in next weekend.

That yoga teacher I mentioned in my last comment? She's in town this weekend for the YJ conference. A co-worker just called to offer me their place in her class! I hope the harmonium lady is there. Mind you, I haven't truly yoga'ed for YEARS, just a class every eight months or so.

I should investigate rock climbing, but I hear it's different from the circus rope stuff I've been doing lately. Let's hear it for upper body strength!

Begone all ye bad memories of Phys Ed mockery at my failure to climb!

Backside looks fine to me.

Oh, the sweater.

Never mind.

well it was not really fun but it was new- i started studying yesterday BEFORE school actually started! i have never done that before. i bet rock climbing is way more fun.

Ok,you win. I'll stick with CP Hoodie.

Sweet! The Great Western Power Company? I've climbed there and liked it - it's small and neighborhoody. I just got a membership at the new Planet Granite in the Presidio yesterday. The views there are lovely, of both the water and folks' dogs tearing ass around Crissy Field. Hee.

Hmmm... yes. Well. That back is a horse of a different color then isn't it.
I think it would be nice (having the pre-knitting knowledge that you have given us) to widen the lower edge of the back so that it's more swingy...
Dang, it looks like it's not only knit in one piece but from the hem up... so re-knitting is not an option.
Maybe you need to sit more?

Cutest. Glassesface. Ever.

Glad you had a fun weekend! But I went rock climbing once and the height SCARED me. I much prefer surfing.

And this weekend, I had great fun with my two little kiddie-poos while hubby was out of town. Dance class. Beach. Fish and Chips. A party. Visit to a friend's house. Finding bugs and salamanders. A chick flick for me last night! All great fun!

I luuuurve your new specs, very sexy! Weekend was spent, in no particular order: having the kitten "fixed", and running errands, and having lunch out, and relaxing, and making soup, and watching movies whilst munching on popcorn, all in all not a bad weekend :) A xx

I wanted to try something new this weekend, alas, most new things involve cash, of which we have none (sure wish having a lot of money could be my something new!).
Do movies count? I watched Hamlet 2 last night...

Love the glasses and the hair - the sweater is not too bad.

you cannot frog that sweater - it looks way too cute on you from the front! maybe add the lines of rib all the way down the back - or maybe just leave as is - it looks totally adorable on you!

oh yeah, and i just bought sallys.

love your blog - you are a treat!

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