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Knit-In! January 13, 2009

Oh, it's been too long, hasn't it? Local friends, a knit-in?

When: Friday January 23rd, 7pm-11pm
Where: My house!



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I wanna coooooommme. If I leave work at 7AM, which is, like, 30 minutes before I get there, I could be at your house by 7PM...

Well, if I left now I could make it in time...:)

I felt the need to check and make sure you're nowhere near me. And lo and behold, you're 3000 or so miles away . . . I mean, you'd think I'd know that I don't follow any New Orleans knitting blogs. But the word "local" all by itself, it's always so tempting . . .

How fun, wish I could come! However in honor of a long needed
"Staycation" (your term and a good one) I am callin in sick tomorrow and not getting off of the sofa. Hoping to cast on something new!

Sorry - won't be able to make it....busy getting snowed under and frozen to bits up her in the snow belt of Ontario. Maybe when we thaw...

I'll be with youse all in spirit from downunder.

How about just postponing this until March - I'll be in the Bay Area then for a visit. Or - plan another knit in for spring?

oh...mebbe i'll just catch a plane down for a quick knitvisit! don't i wish! hugs. wish i was there, wave hello to me up here freezin' my ass off in the -20 cold snap we've had for the past two weeks (it broke today and is now UP to 13 ...whoo!)

I can't come, but I'll tell a knitting story because I wish I could!

I am alive because of knitting. Let me 'splain. My Granny (named Pat) went to boarding school, and one of her best friends there was a brassy, awesome girl named Iris. Iris came back from a school break wearing a pretty sweater. "Where'd you get that?" Pat asked.

"I knitted it. My aunt Isabelle taught me."

"Oh, I wish I could do that."

"Well, next weekend, come with me to Aunt Isabelle's and she can teach you! She's very sweet, she wouldn't mind."

So soon after they made the trip to the north side of Chicago to visit with aunt Isabelle for Iris's next knitting lesson. Pat was surprised to see a rather rakish teenager sitting on the living room couch reading a magazine. "Oh, don't pay attention to him," Iris said, "that's just my cousin George."

Little did Pat know she was looking at her future husband, who would have to convince her--twice--to marry him. They were married for more than 50 years.

Grr. You do realize the Knitters are playing at Slims that night, right? Grr.

Oh, if only... have been watching photographs taken in SF over the holidays by a friend who's just been there, and am soooo wanting to visit... one day, that's what I keep telling myself... one day... A xx

Sigh. I wish I could come. Have fun all!

Wish I lived closer (wayyyy closer) but I'm quite sure I can't get a cheap flight for a Knit-In!! Hope you have an amazing time!1

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