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New ThingsJanuary 15, 2009

I have new things!

First, a new sweater.

It's the artistically named 110-23 sweater by DROPS. On the model, it looks like a lovely bell-shaped sweater. Bells work well on me in theory. I had high hopes.

Photo 319

But in practice, it is only rather meh. It is not bell-shaped; it is ball-shaped. It's an excellent writing-at-home sweater. I love that the yarn (Paton's Classic Merino) is soft enough to wear next to the skin, although I know it will inevitably pill awfully. I love the three wooden toggles I got at Lacis.

I love the detail at the yoke/neck:

Photo 307

But the rest, yeah, just okay. I wouldn't recommend the pattern, but if you're making it, you might as well finish. How's that for faint praise?

But do you notice the other thing up there? Besides the sweater?


Photo 326

They're for reading, working on the computer, watching TV, and driving, so really, they're for wearing all the time, since that's all I do. You know the weird thing? I can see better with them on! It keeps tripping me out! It's awesome! We went to a show last night at Yoshi's, Le Yeux Noirs (gypsy klezmer), and I could see all of them without straining. Eye strain is tiring, another thing I bet you didn't know. I didn't!

(I am a little embarrassed to admit they're Juicy Couture glasses. I am SO not a label girl, and in fact, I got them cheap at Costco.)

Photo 284

I had way too much fun with the Photo Booth on my computer.(Also -- WHOOPS with the scissors. Those bangs are SHORT.)

Here's me wondering:

Photo 276

What I'm wondering is what movie I might go see today. Sure, it's supposed to be a pajama day, but in reality, I'm just going to try not to do anything I don't want to do. Like dishes. No dishes today! But Wii Fit, yes, definitely. And reading. And catching up on Friday Night Lights. And possibly a dumb movie, like Marley and Me, or something like that.

In knitting news, I've started this for Lala (Ravelry link). I think she'll like it. And she isn't a Rav member, so she can't see it! HaHA!

Quick question: This week, for the first time ever, coffee that's brewing smells exactly like tuna. It happens every morning, whether I'm at home or at work, and it catches me off guard each time. But coffee itself still tastes good. Any ideas what the hell that is? (No, not pregnant. Stop it.)


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In that last picture, your new glasses make you look like a fancy author! I think they look great on you :)

Sometimes if I am having sinus issues coffee smells (and tastes) dirty to me.

Wow, you look fantastic! Hair, glasses, everything!

Cute bangs and cute glasses! I bet they will help with your headaches, too. :) I'm with you on the sweater and I'll see you at the knit-in, whenever it happens.

The short bangs + galsses = fab!

Above your eyes your hair hangs
Blow my mind, your royal flyness
I dig your bangs
To drape across your forehead
To swing concordant angles
As you incline your head

And although I liked you anyway, check out your haircut:
A proscenium to stage a face that needs no makeup" - They Might Be Giants

Sorry about that - the comment-board equivalent of breaking out into song.

(FWIW, I kinda like the super-short bang/New Specs look. Very Funky/Quirky Writer-y.)

My work coffee comes across as tuna-esque sometimes as well - no clue as to why. It's _very_ disconcerting.

I think the sweater is very pretty and it looks quite nice on you.

I noticed the glasses right away--they look fantastic! And the short bangs thing looks cute and evokes Carson McCullers to me (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carson_McCullers)

Have a great day--even if you're not in your jammies all day :).

I really like the collar and yoke detail on that sweater, even if the overall shape turned out "meh". Love the glasses and the bangs.

Your bangs look gorgeous. I love the look of slightly nerdy, slightly too-short bangs. It's the one straight-hair feature I wish I could have. Alas.

Coffee brewed in our house often smells like tuna to me, and I'm most definitely not pregnant. Perhaps it's just a slight variation in the roasting of your current batch?

Lady, you look so adorable in your new glasses! And that's not just my kids-in-glasses thing talking, either.

Well, it might be a little bit, but you are damn cute with your bangs and glasses. Next you must do your rockabilly hair with your glasses. Rawr!

Enjoy your lazy day!

Hi! the glasses are AWESOME! i just had laser surgery and now i don't need my glasses (like JUST had the surgery, less than a week ago...still a bit strainy to see the 'puter), anyway, i MISS my glasses! i really liked them and they made me feel like a sexy librarian. :)

the coffee thing... the eye drops i was using after surgery made the back of my throat taste like rusty nickels and changed the flavour of everything. strange, but true.

Nice glasses! Nice bangs! Nice Lala item-that-shall-not-be-named! Nice (enough) new sweater... it *is* cute even if it feels somewhat "meh" to you...

I love those short bangs on you. I may be biased, because I also have short bangs.

Cute, cute, cute! Love the glasses, love the bangs, and the sweater is darn cute.

New bag of coffee? New brand or flavor or roast?

You are probably smelling the methyl mercaptan compounds in the coffee. Number one reason I can't go into Starbucks...smells like a big skunk to me!
I like the bangs and I really like the glasses, I wear my glasses for all the same reasons :)!

The sweater is really cute on you! And so are the glasses! :-) Can't wait to see the new sweater progress.

You're sure you're not pregnant? Just kidding. It would be awesome, though, admit it. Just one more sweet little critter to take care of!

Look how cute you are in those glasses.

Maybe it's crafty pics, but I think the sweater is hella cute. Love the bangs, and the glasses are to die for. You look amazing without the glasses, and with the glasses you look a totally different amazing!

Very chic!! And have you lost weight? Your face looks thinner.

You are adorable glasses, bangs and all!

Just a heads up, if you go see Marley & Me, bring tissues!! I went with my sister and we both cried our eyes out at the end. It is a sweet movie though, and I think worth seeing.

Lala is a lucky lady to have such a pretty girl all to herself. You look fabulous!

Loving the short bangs and new glasses!

You may well be the cutest thing ever.

If you make it to the Dallas area (although I don't see why you would) with your fabulous book/fiber tour of the known world (or for any other reason) you must let me take you out for a drink. :)

The glasses look great, and the bangs are very Betty Paige. Love it!

LOVE the glasses & like the sweater just fine too. I'll add my vote to the "you look great" thing!

Sweater,bangs,glasses. You look FAB!!!! And....red frames are perfection!

I like the bangs! Cute with those glasses.

I love the glasses, you look so hot! Label-name glasses are the way to go. I don't usually do labels, either, but with glasses, it doesn't really make a difference, except to make you cuter.

I got glasses for the same reasons you got them about 7 years ago. I remember one morning I was getting a headache and just put my glasses on, and was amazed at how well I could see. It was like a miracle.

I like that sweater rather a lot myself. It's the right size and length on you and goes with the glasses and bangs look. I want to say "pert" if you don't mind the word: cute, lively, squeezable. Not bad things in my book.

I go through periods where the coffee brewing smells like cat pee to me. No clue why, but it's definitely related to the "skunky" chemical thing another poster mentioned. I'm just glad I can GET coffee - there are so many things missing from my radar up here. We drag ours up from Delhi when we go through there. What you'll never find at Starbucks though is our "cream" which is fresh each morning from a neighbor's water buffalo. Water buffalo milk is THE best.

Eye strain is tiring, isn't it? I've had two graphic demonstrations of this, once long ago when my glasses got stolen from my car and I spent evenings knitting with my eyes shut because they were so tired until I got more, and recently when I let it go too long between checks and my prescription doubled.

Those look really cute on you. And you are much better at taking your own photo than I am at mine!

Not sure why it smells like tuna but I always think brewed coffee smells like that!

Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I like the sweater!

The hair and glasses are also tres chic!

Your bangs are perfect -- what are you talking about? And the glasses are lovely, too. Together they're appealingly retro, lovely.

Those glasses are SO cute. Excellent choice! You look positively hip.

You look great in the new glasses. Definitely a nice new look. Not that the old look wasn't nice.....

You can see better with glasses?? WEIRD!!!

Ok, I'm loving that sweater so stop with eh meh! I must now add it to my rav queue.

I had red hair and bangs from 3rd grade (actually it was brown then) to age 38. No joke. You are so me ( or I was future you), now dye your hair with Clairol Nice 'n Easy #108 and we'd so be twins. YOu can use my ID :)

I like every part of the whole ensemble, sweater to bangs to glasses. The sweater hangs nicely on you. Looks like it was a fun knit.

I really like the sweater it looks great!

I second the above comments on the very hip glasses!

I think good fresh coffee can indeed smell like tuna. Maybe you just have some very good coffee these days?
Yes, I agree it is very strange when it happens.

LOVE the glasses--they're totally cute!

Those bangs are darling!They give you a fresh, angelic, yet sex kitten look...they are FABU!

LOVE the bangs!!! They are fab on you, and i wish I could pull that short bangs look off. and the glasses? those are HOT HOT HOT!

Katharine seems to have hit a nail on the head--Starbucks coffee is the only one that smells that way to me, and it drives me nuts.

p.s. how cute would it be though if you were pregnant? just saying...i mean, you an Lala would be the coolest parents EVER.

Fab hair with the glasses! You need a circle skirt and elbow-length gloves and possibly a poodle. No, forget the poodle (please!). The coffee thing? Was the water actually boiling when it hit the coffee? Sounds like you singed it (burned it, not sang it with bad grammar!)

The glasses are very hot, indeedy! And I love your short bangs. Every time I make an attempt to cut my hair, I look like a dork.

"There's a fish in the percolator!" You're probably too young to remember the show Twin Peaks, but that line cracks me up every time. You might want to check.

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