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On Not Writing and ApplesJanuary 5, 2009

The Wii Fit is WAY more fun than I thought it would be. You play little mini-games, which usually feel kind of dumb and annoying to me on regular game platforms, but when you're doing it under the umbrella of Exercise, you can just lean into it and have fun. It's a multi-tasker's dream! Plus, when you measure yourself and find out you're a whole inch and a half taller than you thought, your BMI goes down, even if your weight goes up! Ask me how I know!

I am not writing for a few days. I turned in the book on my deadline, January 2nd, and I need to launch back into the second one, but it's a long work week (five 12-hour shifts in a row). I have given myself permission to sleep in (until 4:45! Whoop!) for these few days and not write. HOWEVER, it has made me a big grumpy-pants. A grumpy-pants who gets even grumpier when the hole in her sweats is pointed out by Lala, who is knitting behind her. A grumpy-pants who feels like something is just wrong and can't figure it out and OH, I'm not writing, and I feel like I'm withdrawing from something. Actually, upon reflection, I think I'll just get up and write before work tomorrow. That'll fix it.

I love that not writing is hard for me. I love that SO much.

Also, you need to know that an apple slicer, that ring thing that cuts the apple into pieces, is the most genius kitchen gadget ever. Best four bucks I've spent in recent memory. I only like apples if they're sliced, and I hate slicing them. Then this comes along, and whooomp! Apple, sliced! Ready for peanut butter application! What could be better?


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I LOATHE exercising, but I've made my annual resolve to get into better shape. I'm so out of shape I have to take it really easy to start with. :( I wish we had a Wii.

The only thing I've found that makes stuff like stationary bicycle or elliptical machine bearable are the Podrunner mixes. (podrunner.com). You can pick tempo, and you can speed up as you get stronger. Caveat: I'm not really much of a music listener, so these kind of electrified DJ mixes work fine for me, since all I want is a steady beat and something to occupy my monkey mind a little so I can forget I'm doing something I hate.

No affiliation, just like the product.

What! Lala quit the band? Say it ain't so.

I've always wanted to try the Wii Fit. Looks like fun.

I resisted buying the OXO apple slicer *forever*, even though I also will not eat an apple out of hand. I could not get past the "well, I could just cut the apple with a knife." True, but like you said, WHOOMP.

Oh my goodness, someone who shares my love for the apple slicer! I adore that thing! One time, we lost ours and I went out THAT day to buy another one. :)

Might you be withdrawing from sugar? I know you had some for the holidays...

I hope you feel better soon. I love those apple slicers, too. I want to get an apple peeler/slicer/corer, where you spear the apple, turn a crank, and it slices the apple into thin little slices, perfect for having on a cracker with a slice of cheddar cheese.

Nothing. Not one bloody thing... except caramel dip for the apple slices!

My son got a Wii Fit for Xmas and I'm using the heck out it. Fun, no? I rule at the ski jump but suck abominably at the snowboarding.

My 8yo daughter is a creature of habit and takes a PBnoJ and a sliced apple in her school lunch every day EXCEPT when we have Clementines or when she doesn't feel like eating a sandwich and requests a "bowl apple" which is an apple sliced in half and filled with peanut butter (and sometimes sunflower seeds or mini chocolate chips) after using another fave kitchen gadget (the melon baller) to scoop a perfect bowl shape in the center of each half. Love kitchen gadgets! That reminds me- old slicer dull. Need new slicer!

We just got a Wii Fit yesterday and I think it's fun, too. I like the ski slalom a lot and the hoola hoop game is fun, too.

I only like sliced apples too, and duh...I have one of those in the drawer!

OTOH, I think the apple peeler/corer/slicer makes the slices too thin for a successful pie and the blade, to the best of my knowledge and investigation, is not adjustable.

Funny, my roomies and I were just discussing the merits of the apple slicer last night, and whether we should invest (har!) in one. Thanks to your glowing review, I may be swayed.

Oh goodness someone else who thinks the apple slicing thingy is a piece of magic... I do actually still use a knife much of the time but a friend has that gizmo and now always lets me play with it as she tends to just chomp her after meal apple but like you I really enjoy sliced apple, though in wedges is fine.
Well done on getting the edited copy in by deadline.

ZOMG, I need one of those. I have three pounds of apples to make pie with and do not -- yet -- own one of those. Must remedy.

Did you have the Wii Knitting link in your post yesterday? Hrm, it's not there now so perhaps I saw is somewhere else. I sent the Wii Knitting link to my guy and it he sent it on to the editors of Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/5124714/learn-to-knit-the-wii-way

There are some pretty funny comments.

Wii Fit sounds awesome. Does somebody want to get me a Wii?

The apple thingy rocks!

I got a peeler-corer-slicer for X-mas from my Dad this year-- Haleluia!! My apple tree goes berserk every year, and I can't just waste all those yummy apples. But I'm still sick of peeling, and it's been months since harvest time. I can't wait for this fall's crop. What a difference a gadget makes, eh? :)

Oh, so you ask what could be better than an apple slicer? I'll tell you: a CHERRY PITTER! Mine is awesome. If you like to make cherry pie, or if you (or loved ones under the age of eight) love to eat them, a cherry pitter ROCKS.

When my grandmother died, the only things I wanted were her apple slicer/corer, and her Coffey mugs (her family name)...I smile every time I use them.

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