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ResolutionJanuary 1, 2009

We had a lovely New Year's Eve -- an impromptu games night at home which led to none of us really noticing or counting down the year. I heard gunshots and glanced at my cell phone. "Happy New Year," I yelled into the living room, but at least one person missed the announcement entirely and asked for the time about an hour later.

I loved being at home for New Year's. We never get to do that, and it was perfect. I might have had a drink or two (ahem), and I was feeling quite nappish by about 1am (I go to bed closer to 8 or 9), so I went in our bedroom and put up my feet. Nothing makes me happier than to drift off with the sound of happy people in the house. Of course, it wasn't the nap I thought it was going to be -- instead it was just bedtime, and had I known that, I would have brushed my teeth.

Resolutions? Only one: I will not stab anyone this year.

I make this resolution every year, and it proves that making resolutions TOTALLY WORK!

(Also, I'd like to love a lot and write a lot and eat lots of nice things and hug lots of animals but not take any extras home.)

You're supposed to start the year the way you'd like it to go, and I did all sorts of nice things today:

We stayed in bed late. I made quiche. We walked dogs. We ate garlic fries. We watched a great movie, Slumdog Millionaire (which was almost, but not quite, ruined by the lady behind me who kept squealing at the grim parts and running out of the theater, saying "I can't WATCH this, this is HORRIBLE!" Then she'd kick my chair on her to sit back down. She did this three times. And she was a talker. I don't mind a whisperer, but a talker? Do you see why I make that resolution every year? We consoled ourselves later with realizing that she was with the dumb-ass we'd watched get a ticket earlier that evening. They'd been parked in the bus zone. When the cop rolled up and put his lights on behind them, the guy STARTED HIS CAR and started to drive away. Now, that's kind of the wrong thing to do when you've been caught by the long arm of the law. So Talker was with the right guy, for sure). But grim parts aside, you should run to go see that movie. I loved it. All in all, a lovely day, and a lovely start.


So, Happy New Year! 2009. It's gonna be good.


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Happy New Year to you, too!!!

We also saw Slumdog Millionaire right before New Years. What a fabulous movie, it had my heart beating the whole time (and LOVE the bollywood dance scene at the end).

OMG....I have made that same New Year's resolution for now the 10th year....so far so good, however as I age and my tolerance fades.....I may have to make a "stab" at something different and let you carry on the sainty....Here is to a puncture free 2003....Happy New Year!

Happy New back atcha! We mostly did basement refining -- Brotherman installing shelves and track lighting -- but I did knit and play with my girls so that's a good start. Going to see Slumdog Millionaire today! XXO

I never make resolutions but I can really get behind yours. Awesome! I might have had to break it on that stupid woman at the theater. Grr to stupid people!

Happy New Year!

Aah, I loved Slumdog too. I saw it with my parents the day after Christmas and just loved it.
And I love how relaxed your NYE was. That's exactly how they are supposed to be....

Happy New Year to you guys too! How come I never see you at the dog park??? I see everyone else.

Happy New Year, Rachael. May this year be as good as last year and not as bad as last year. Let's skip the bad parts this year, mkay?

Bonne année !
Happy New Year to you and Lala !

Amazing about the lady at the theater- I hate that New Year's resolutions seem to be tested within hours after making them (!)

I am enjoying your blog very much-
Happy New Year!

Well done on another stabbing-free year! I know you can stretch it out to 1 more in 2009!

So good to see you both looking so happy being in the company of the other... companions of the heart may the joy you feel when you catch the others eye be your gift for the coming year and ever onwards. Quiet, freezing days here but happily logs burn bright in the stove and candles flicker in the gloom

Happy New Year, Rachael! And I may have to adopt that resolution. I hope you have a headache-free 2009. I so know what it's like.

Great resolution. I don't really make them anymore. Too frustrating, besides I just resolve on a daily basis to be the best person I can today.

Yes, Slumdog Millionaire is fantastic. It is more "romanticized" than the book (Q and A) but it is a better film for it I think. I suspect that all of the intense parts you are referring to are probably the most accurate in the movie.

Happy New Year to you and Lala! All the best for 2009.

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