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srsly funJanuary 25, 2009


Don't I look bad-ass there? (I'm not bad-ass, so I like it when I look that way.) I'm really high here -- maybe three stories up? There's an indoor staircase that Lala climbed to take the photo.


Here I'm lower than the previous photo. Note the floor below and the little man climbing behind me for some kind of scale.

I find it amazing that I got that high under my own power. That's the best part of rock-climbing, seeing people use just their muscles to go in a direction we don't normally go.


I love La's orange mohawk in this one.


Trying to see around the corner here..... not enough handholds.....


Coming down! I love coming down. Yowza!


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Wow! Totally bad-ass!

You look fantastic!

Women with big tatts on their biceps are bad-ass by definition. Don't fight it, darling ... you just ARE!

That looks like loads of fun. I haven't been rock climbing in, gosh, 8 years or so.

You and Lala are the cutest! Almost makes me want to take up climbing. Almost.

Whoa, why's your arm all blue? Oh yeah, it's matching your blue-jeaned BADASS. duh.

You're on an exercise bender!

I'm reading these in reverse order and I'm going to just say it. You're awesome.

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